Friday, December 17, 2010

Have Special Effects Lost Their Charm?

The nature of our short program limits the types of projects students can produce in a short period of time. This also limits our conversation to the basics and foundation of film making without going into the full scope of tools at student's disposal. Since we have an emphasis of scriptwriting and storytelling, post production is a field that we spend little time mastering. With this in mind, I wanted to bring your attention to two articles addressing the director's use of CG and it's impact on audiences.
The basic thesis of these articles discuss how the overuse of "dazzling" CG effects has numbed the audience. I think it's important for students to be aware of the CG options at their disposal and consider when it is appropriate to incorporate that type of workflow. Click on the links below to read further. Cheers!

IFC: Why do Special Effects . . .
Den of Geek: Numbing Ubiquity of . . .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks and Congratulations!

A special thanks to everyone who screened last night at Alpha Channel! Another thanks to all of the students who came out to support their friends and the department! And another thanks to our instructors Josh, John, Ian, Roz, Ross and GE Department Chair John Mancuso for coming out! And yet another thanks to our AI New York City President, Tad Graham-Handley for his support by attending! I had a great time last night. There was a good mix of humor, horror, suspense, drama, and experiments that kept the program lively.

I hope you all enjoyed the new venue. Until next quarter, keep on filming . . .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alpha Channel TONIGHT!

A reminder that Alpha Channel is tonight.
Address: 92nd Street Y TriBeCa 200 Hudson Street (Literally a few blocks from school)
Screening begins at 6pm, so get there early to get a seat. There are only 72 seats available!!! After we hit capacity, we close the doors for the evening.
Sorry to say that a list of films has not been provided. If I receive such a list, I'll let you know.
- Eve.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Film Podcasts: The Golden Briefcase

Students of film usually enroll in school for the true love of the medium. Talking endlessly about character, story, and craft is an outlet to express that love. In my opinion, this is an overly sentimental way to express an "obsession", however more poetic than sounding like a serial killer.
While I am filling out paperwork, I keep my mind fresh by listening to film podcasts. One I would like to recommend is "The Golden Briefcase". The program has a nice balance of conversation and film geekery that feels like a few intelligent friends sitting in a living room enjoying a beer after a movie. Since I started listening, I have called into the program twice to address some issues that have been brought up in school; Low Budget with a Good Story (addresses HD technology in film), and Contests for Young Filmmakers (addresses the Amazon Debate). Click on the links below to hear these episodes:
If you enjoy this type of program, subscribe on iTunes and feel free to surf around the web for other podcasts. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment to this post. Thanks! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fourteen Actors Acting

A whole lot of posting today!

This one comes from our own Josh Hays who says, and I quote "This is what actors do when we're not around" Enjoy fourteen portraits of today's critically acclaimed talents brought to you by the New York Magazine.

DSLR Information for Digital Cinema

Before you plan on shooting with any of the new fancy DSLRs, please read all of the resources we have, right here on the blog. Jason Moore has supplied us with new articles and links to help filmmakers make the right decision for their film. This is essential material for those of you in the Pre-Production classes.

Article and Links can be found under Production Documents - with DSLR in the label. This section is at the bottom, right side of the blog.

FREE Slow Motion Footage

Student Filmmaker Magazine has a deal with Footage Firm to GIVE AWAY stock footage DVDs. All you would need to pay for is the shipping an handling (about 9 bucks).

Click HERE for Footage Firm Deal

UPDATE! - Our Librarian has gotten the whole library for our own library. They should be available next quarter for check out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Read about Jason Moore's students and Variety Magazine!
From Jason Moore:
"There are about a dozen students on the crew, all the positions are paid, and so far we have completed three shoots, for the films "The Kings Speech", starring Colin Firth, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", starring Michael Douglas, and "Solitary Man", also starring Michael Douglas." 

UPDATE! A direct link to video posts can be found here: 2010 Variety Screening Series NYC

Friday, December 3, 2010


Monday, December 6 (week 10) at 6pm in the Gallery Open to all Ai Students!
A free, funny movie is the perfect cure to the stress of week 10!

After the movie, the director will speak about making independent films and will take your questions!

“CALVIN MARSHAL” is a comedy that stars Steve Zahn (Out of Sight) and Alex Frost (Elephant). It is a grand-slam comic drama that's heartwarming, funny, inspirational and, above all, triumphant.

Junior college student Calvin Marshall is determined that he's going to have a huge career in major league baseball. What everyone else realizes and Calvin does not is that Calvin is one of the worst ballplayers in history. When Calvin falls hard for an attractive volleyball star with a big future, he gets some hard lessons in love and life, but must face his own strengths and limitations before he can move into the future and determine the profession he's really suited for.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Studio or Scam? - the Amazon Debate

As an educator and working filmmaker, I tend to look at film contests with a double edge sword; both as a potential opportunity for advancement or scandal. Too often, these contests have clauses that state if the sponsor comes out with a similar idea to your submission then you have to sign away your right to sue. Artist's source of income stem from the creation of ideas and executing those ideas for a specific purpose. The consequence of some contests are cutting the artist out of their rights to intellectual property. In essence, stealing ideas.
There are two sides to this debate. Supporters of such contests believe that this approach benefits artists by giving them goals and access to publicity, funds, and support that would otherwise be difficult at best to maintain on their own.
Any artist can agree that maintaining a career as a artist is an exercise in persistence and humility. Yes, we need all the help we can get to get a functioning career kickstarted. However, the question I post to you: Are your ideas are worth giving away in order to get access to an opportunity? This is not an easy question.
This line of thought was sparked by a link posted on the "Studio of the Future" post from two weeks ago. This link is an article posted by the National Film Festival for Talented Youth. The director, Jessie Harris, spelled out his thoughts of caution. His opinion is this:
Basically the goal of Amazon studios is to take original ideas from inexperienced filmmakers and pay them very little or nothing for their work, all while creating an interesting social experiment for their users and a fake PR stunt that Amazon is revolutionizing Hollywood and supporting the next generation of filmmakers.
He goes into the details of the Amazon contract to support this opinion. Click HERE to read the full article.
Here are a few links that are posted by artists against this method of soliciting materials:
Motionographer Response to Sesame Street Contest
VFX Soldier Post on Unpaid Internships
Personally, I believe an opinion stems from the purpose of the contest. There are many non-profit, union based organizations (WGA, DGA, WFNYC) that support filmmakers by supplying financial support for creating and distributing films. These organizations do not profit from ideas. Their goal is to judge work based on their reputations as pillars of their artistic communities.
The fine print is what defines the deal as good or bad. Best advice: read all terms of contract before submitting to anything! Including film festivals Make sure you know your rights as an artist/creator.  
The ultimate question to all of you: Do you support or disagree with the idea of contests? Let me know what you think. - Eve.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alpha Channel Poster is Here!

CALL FOR ENTRIES BY DECEMBER 1ST! If you have questions regarding submission, please contact Eve Okupniak at Thanks!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cage Hours for Thanksgiving

Wed 11/24 9am - 5:30pm Thurs and Friday 11/25-26 CLOSED Saturday 11/27 9am - 6pm Sunday 11/28 11am - 5:30pm

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Studio of the Future: Amazon Films

Increasingly, the film business is moving toward an online platform for creation and distribution. The online industry just took a giant leap forward with the announcement of Amazon Studios. While other outlets for film collaboration exist (, Fox Searchlight Lab, even Craigslist), this is the first major push by an online institution to combine collaboration, creation, and distribution of short and (eventually) feature films. Below is a quote from the Amazon Studio's website.
Movies have been developed pretty much the same way since talkies were considered cutting-edge. But here at Amazon Studios, we believe 21st-century technology creates opportunities to make and share movies and scripts more easily than ever. We invite you to:

- Win money. Amazon Studios will award a combined $2.7 million in our first year's worth of monthly and annual contests for the best scripts and movies. There is no charge to participate.
- Get noticed. Your work will be shared with a global community of filmmakers and fans, who can offer revisions and advice. Screenwriters can see their words come to life as full-length test movies made by directors vying for our $100,000 monthly awards.
- Get your movie made. The goal of Amazon Studios is to work with Hollywood to turn the best projects into major feature films.
This may be the future of our industry. Please go to the site and check it out:
If you have any opinions, let us know what you think! Cheers! - Eve.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Animator Turned Filmmaker

I wanted to bring your attention to someone who probably isn't on your radar, Ruairi Robinson. Ruairi was nominated for a Oscar in 2002 for his short, Fifty Percent Grey - posted below. Check it out to get ideas for your own shorts. . .

Uploaded by sabotage. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.
Now Ruairi has just finished his first Live Action Feature film, Blinky. It's always encouraging to see short filmmakers make the transition to features! To see more of Ruairi's work,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NYC Horror Film Festival: Begins tonight!

"America's largest and most recognized genre film festival focusing solely on Horror and Science Fiction. Each year the NYCHFF celebrates both the horror classics we grew up with and the new horror films & filmmakers who created them. the NYCHFF fills the city with special screenings, parties, celebrity guests and free giveaways. The New York City Horror Film Festival is the Halloween time event not to be missed.
So, keep your eyes peeled right here for full festival information, submission info, lineup, tickets, details about the huge, open-to-the-public kickoff party, and info on all the cool events the NYCHFF does throughout the entire year to support genre films and filmmakers!"

Nov 10th - Nov 14th

From Eve - "I just checked the line up and there are many short films programed. I encourage all filmmakers interested in the horror genre to attend. Find out your competition or get ideas for future projects!"

Opening Party is TONIGHT at Tribeca Cinema's at 8pm.
Click on the link for full festival line up and details.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Classes Open for WI11

DF132 Sound Design Section E on Monday at 1:15 
DF122 Cinematography Section D on Friday at 1:15 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Closed Classes WI11

Hey Everyone,
Here are the closed classes so far:
Digital Film/Video Production
DF122 Cinematography and Lighting Section A --T---- 8:15-12:15P and Section C ---W-- 6:00-10:00PM
DF132 Sound Design for Digital Film Section A ---W--- 8:15-12:15PM and Section D -----F- 1:15- 5:15PM

Issue with Links, SOLVED

Hello Everyone! I am still having issues with the links on the blog. Currently, the links are not showing up on Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Google has been contacted about the situation. Hopefully, we'll have a solution in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

In the mean time, please use Firefox to view this site.

UPDATE: I have gotten a response from Google. A patch has been provided to solve the "missing gadgets" issue. I have checked the site with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. All three are working fine. Let me know if there is still an issue with Safari or Opera. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Registration Begins for WI11

Below are some tips for registration time. Register online at MYAICAMPUS.COM Also, check the DF and VP grids under AINYC Links to the right.

Video Production Students:
- Review the check list (CLICK HERE) to see what classes are being offered. CORRECTION: The check list says WI10, please ignore. It's supposed to be WI11. Thanks!
- The following classes are no longer being offered in VP: VP122 Screenwriting, VP121 EFP/ENG, VP124 Directing the Actor. If you need these classes to graduate, please be advised by David Nash or Eve Okupniak, immediately.
- If you need VP202 Video Post Production to graduate, DF172 Experimental Filmmaking will be replacing that course. You can only get that course by signing up with David Nash or Eve Okupniak

Digital Filmmaking:
- First Quarter Students Register with David Nash Monday Night (TONIGHT) 5:15pm Room 640 or Tuesday Afternoon (TOMORROW) 12:15pm Room 635
- Review the check list (CLICK HERE) to see what classes are being offered. CORRECTION: The check list says WI10, please ignore. It's supposed to be WI11. Thanks!
- All DF courses in quarter's one through five are available. Only the DF172 elective will be available.
- The GE options are noted on the checklist.

ALL Majors should be conscious of the THESIS TRACK. I will not allow for students to take two pre-requisite courses within the same quarter. Be aware that if you fail, withdraw, or put off taking a THESIS TRACK course, you are delaying graduation.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask Eve Okupniak or David Nash. The office hours and contact information are posted to the right.
* NOTE: I will not be posting anything this week in order to make sure everyone has this information. Cheers! - Eve.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Continued Browser Issues

FYI: If you are using Internet Explorer or Opera, please note that you may not see the links at the right side of this page. This is an issue with Google Blogspot. I am currently working on resolving this issue. In the mean time, please use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari to view this blog. - Eve.

Interview with instructor John Woods

Many of you know John Woods from the AE workshops and intro courses. Now, get to know this underground music video director in an interview with Fruit Fly Life. John discusses one of his videos with musician Noel Heroux and the fact that he hates to be called a "director". Check out the interview at the link listed below.
Fruit Fly Life Interview with video artist John Woods

Monday, October 25, 2010

Runaway : Kanye West

So many of you remember my post regarding Jay-Z's take on the fine art world (CLICK HERE to see the original post, also see POWER) I've noticed that this approach to music videos has reached a popular period. Elaborate music video productions are nothing new (Pink Floyd's animated The Wall, Madonna's Documentary Truth or Dare). Trends like this reach peak and valley, however never fade into non-existance.
With Power and Runaway, Kanye West is next in like to merge both the music world and fine arts into an experimental collaboration. The link below is his latest 20 minute video piece that inclucdes fallen angels, ballet dancers, explosions, and subversive commentary on society as we know it. Enjoy!

Seth Donsky in the NY Press

Part-time instructor Seth Donsky had the feature article in this past week's New York Press newspaper. It's an entertaining article that takes a look at an organization called Debtors Anonymous. To check it out, click on the link below.$t.html

Friday, October 22, 2010

Community Blog: Graf and Fischer

Check out the AINYC Community blog for posts about instructors Susi Graf and Ian Fischer - AINYC Community Blog

Parallel Lines: A new way to advertise

Advertising agencies have been dabbling into the film business ever since the beginning of commercials. Many of your favorite feature directors today got their start in music videos and commercial production. A smart filmmaker will approach every opportunity as an opportunity to tell a story.
Now with broadband access becoming more common place, advertisers have been using short films to create viral campaigns for their products. The most famous example of this is the 2001 and 2002 BMW series, The Hire. (This series actually made Clive Owen famous!) The Hire was originally available only through the BMW site. After a few months, the shorts were shown on cable TV and theatrically. They are no longer available, however I was able to find one on YouTube (of course). Take a look below for an example. 

Since the BMW series, many companies have followed their example, creating short films of their own to create a viral buzz. I wanted to introduce you to the latest player in this marketing technique: Philip's 3D TV. They have a fantastic series of short films titled: Parallel Lines. I would encourage you to take a look at these films. Notice that they do not differ from the films you are making today, as a student. This is an opportunity for you to see the types of films that are being made for commercial use. Who knows? Your film may lead to a commission from one of these companies.

Take a look at the Parallel Series by clicking on this link:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NFFTY Submissions Call!

From - "NFFTY is the largest and most influential film festival for young filmmakers (age 22 and under). NFFTY occurs each spring in Seattle, Washington and includes up to 200 film screenings, filmmaking panels, film contests, parties, and opportunities for young filmmakers to network with industry professionals and each other. Young filmmakers from around the world submit feature-length and short films in narrative, documentary, animation, music video, experimental, and action sport categories. More than 6,000 film fans attend. NFFTY 2011 is April 28-May 1."

EARLY DEADLINE - November 30, 2010 $25
LATE DEADLINE - January 31, 2011 $35

Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship

From the Manhattan Editing Workshop Site:
DEADLINE : December 15th 2010
"The Fellowship is a year-long experience that encourages and champions the talent of an emerging editor. It creates opportunities to help cultivate an editor’s artistry and craft, and expand his or her professional and creative community. The Fellowship is designed to broaden an editor’s horizons, and includes:

• A mentorship with an ACE editor, tailored to the fellow's interests - in partnership with ACE
• A class at the Manhattan Edit Workshop - New York's premier Apple, Adobe & Avid authorized training center
• Full festival passes to ACE EditFest in New York and Los Angeles - weekend seminars with working experts in the field of editing
• SXSW Film Festival Film Badge - full access to films, panels, mentor sessions & more at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas
• Independent Film Festival of Boston Chrome Festival Pass - full access to films, panels & more
• Travel expenses to one of the aforementioned festivals or to the Manhattan Edit Workshop (airfare, 4 nights of hotel, per diems)
• $500 online gift certificate to Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon (Karen’s favorite)
• A year-long membership to DocuClub, Arts Engine's monthly screening series of documentaries in rough cut stage, in NY"

Click Below for Details

AIGA/NY Presents: Dark Design

"For those of you unfamiliar, The New York Chapter of AIGA is one of 57 chapters of AIGA, the professional association for design. There are more than 3,500 members of AIGA/NY and many more members of the community that regularly participate in AIGA/NY programming." - from AIGA site.
AIGA membership has been strongly suggested to Graphic Designers. However, there is a growing population of filmmakers and motion graphics artists that have been receiving membership. Their events are a great place to network and mingle with professionals in all types of design. This presentation looks particularly extraordinary because of the guest panel and tie into the Halloween season.

TIME AND PLACE Tuesday 26 October 2010 6:30–8:30PM
Galapagos Art Space 16 Main Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn
Event Charge: $26 for non AIGA members

CLICK HERE for details on the Dark Design Event

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Screenwriter of Cocktail Lecture at NY Library

"The Art of Distraction: Using Red Herrings in Mysteries," with moderator, Jane K. Cleland and panelists, Annamaria Alfieri, Peggy Ehrhart, Heywood Gould, Roberta Isleib, Robert Quackenbush and Charles Salzberg of Mystery Writers of America"

"A red herring is a “false clue,” used by writers the way magicians use sleight of hand—the goal is to distract readers from what’s really going on. When done well, red herrings add complexity to plots and intrigue to stories. In this lively panel, you’ll hear how authors who write in various mystery genres, from hard boiled and noir, to traditional and children's, use red herrings into their plots. These distinguished writers will discuss which red herrings they use and how they weave them into their narratives to create engaging and ingenious puzzles." - From NY Public Library
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 6:30 PM

This sounds like a great opportunity for those of you interested in becoming writers.

CLICK HERE for Offical NY Library Notice

LAST MINUTE! Time Warner/IFC Short Film Contest

"Each of the four winners will receive a trip for two to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, including hotel, air transportation and ground transportation. Additionally, the prize will include $500 in spending money, two tickets to a film screening at the festival, an invitation to an exclusive Sundance Channel VIP party, to be attended by select industry stars and executives, and also a one-year subscription to Time Warner Cable digital cable and Road Runner high speed internet services. Your time is running out, so get your camera and crew together, and start making some movie magic."- from

Contest Official Site CLICK HERE
DEADLINE: October 31st 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fallbrook Film Festival

"The Fallbrook Film Festival exists to showcase creative, diverse and compelling works of cinematic art from features to shorts to documentaries. The number one, two and three scoring criteria are excellence in storytelling, technical execution, and meaningful purpose. That purpose can mean to entertain, to inform, to make you think, to make you laugh or to make you cry."
- Early Bird deadline is October 30, 2010
- Regular deadline is November 30, 2010

- Late deadline is December 31, 2010

Click HERE for festival website and details.

Student Documentry

Good Morning DF/VP Students!
Our PR director has a great post about one of our students, Jennifer Hahn. She is creating a documentary under the mentorship of Roz Sohnen. Click on the link below to read more about her project. I have also included a link to the trailer for her doc. Enjoy! - Eve.

"M5 Rock" - Trailer 1 from Jennifer Hahn on Vimeo.

- PS : Please send me information regarding any outstanding projects you are working on!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ghostbusters AD

This is going on, across the street, right now.
Watch this great ad supporting independent film. Enjoy your weekend! - Eve.

After Effects Workshops with John Woods

VFX Techniques in After Effects:
Tuesdays 12:15-1:15
In room 227 Week 3-9

We will be looking at simple and fast techniques for common vfx shots. Topics will include sky replacements, painting out rigs, greenscreen compositing, screen replacements, color correction, and more.
Students should commit to all weeks of the workshop, as they will be based on cumulative knowledge. The last few weeks will be focused on shots from the students' own projects.
A working knowledge of after effects is required; we will not be covering basic program operation.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

W Magazine Fashion Film Contest

"Have a passion for film and fashion? Submit a one-minute video inspired by your interpretation of the best style moment of the season.

An expert panel of judges from the film and fashion industries will narrow the hopefuls down to 20 finalists who will be featured in W Fashion on Film, our first-ever online film festival. W readers will decide who makes the final cut, and the winning video will receive $1,000 to feed even more unforgettable behind-the-lens fashion moments.

Submissions must be received by Friday, October 15. So, get your camera rolling."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guest Lecture by comic artist Steve Rude

Click HERE for the AINYC Blog Post!

It's all about the characters

In the spirit of Halloween, I will be discussing horror films, alot.
As some of you know, this is my favorite genre. However, these days I am overwhelmingly disappointed when the market is over saturated with torture-porn (Hostle, Saw series) and badly made remakes (Texas Chainsaw Remake, Friday the 13th Remake). I could go into an entire masters dissertation about how the horror genre is inheriting a bad name, but that is for another post.
I wanted to address an even more pressing issue, character. Complex, human characters are being lost in the overtly shallow world that populates horror filmmaking. The reason that characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and Freddy Kruger (yes I am comparing Freddy with Dracula) are facinating is because they had interesting, cripling back stories. These monsters originated from a human existence and were tragically overcome by their emotional faults. When we (the audience) discover their dark secret, a part of us sympathizes with them which makes their character endearing (this is why some of us cheer Darth Vader). Without this back story, our emotions do not resonate with the film and it is forgotten as soon as we leave the theater.
This is a serious problem in student horror films. Bad writers tend toward the horror genre because it is easy to put an axe murderer on screen to hack up attractive women only to have him killed, innocently by the virgin protagonist. Amateur writers often oversee the reason people love horror films is because they are dealing with serious, complex, tragic human issues that manifest themselves phantasmagoricaly.
Students: If you are interested in the horror genre, do your homework before committing to a story. Remember, well written characters will separate your film from the flood of forgotten films.
The video clip is an example of what I am talking about. Please enjoy this behind the scenes vignette for the AMC Series The Walking Dead: Based on the comic by Robert Kirtzman.

If you like this post, please read up on my post regarding Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan. Click HERE.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Welcome to those of you who are visiting the first time.
Welcome back to those of you who frequent this site.

Additions to the site: The Academic Calender for this quarter has been added to the DEPARTMENT INFORMATION section. Check it out to see when we have days off this quarter.

More updates to follow. Just wanted to add in the HELLO! - Eve.

Friday, September 24, 2010

See ya in the Fall!

Hey Faculty and Students! Take this week to chill and regroup before starting a new on October 4th. In the mean time, please enjoy the video created by the UK paper The Guardian. They have 26 films that are portrayed in this animated short. Can you name all of them? Click HERE for the page and Guardian Site. This hunt is part of a contest the paper is running. Unfortunately, I believe the gifts are only for UK residents :( Doesn't matter. Earn your badge of honor by identifying all 26 films! Good Luck!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AENY on Sept 30th

From AENY: Get ready for another action-packed meeting of After Effects New York, the world’s largest software user group. Best of all, thanks to our awesome sponsors, the meeting is FREE! As always, we’re giving away Thousands of dollars worth of AE-related prizes: Plug-ins, Apps, Books, Stock Footage, and DVD Training!

No need to let us know you’re coming. Just show up!

Date: September 30, 2010 Time: 6:45PM-9:00PM Location:PS 41

David Maxime's Cupcake Video

"Cupcake" full video - Iowa Rockwell feat. SUPERTOY and Max.deciBels from 3rdEyelander Productions on Vimeo.

Our cage manager has broken his long departure from filmmaking to present to us his latest video, Cupcake. Enjoy!!!

Aaron Sorkin discussing Social Network

Those of you whom I've spoken to know that I am a David Fincher fan. For those of you who are unfamiliar, check out Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac, Panic Room. Below is an interview with the writer of David Fincher's latest film, The Social Network. I posted it today because I am impressed with the amount of research that was dedicated to this film. Aaron Sorkin has a reputation for being through, to the point of textbook history, when it comes to the accuracy of his writing (Military procedures in A Few Good Men, White House Protocol in West Wing).
Take is approach into consideration when working on your own scripts. As the writer, you should know everything about your characters; ie. what clothes they wear in the winter, how they brush their teeth, what celeberties they think are attractive, where they like to meet up with friends. . . and so on. This level of detail shines on set and resonates with your actors. You may not think this approach is relevant, but trust me when I say that the audience notices. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photos from Alpha Channel on the AINYC Blog
Thanks to everyone for coming out! PS: A few of you have been asking about posting the Alpha Channel videos online. Ross and I will be meeting about this week one. I'll have an answer for you guys shortly. - Eve.

Short: 7:35 de la Manana

- By director Nacho Vigalondo. This short earned him an Oscar Nomination in 2003. He is currently working on his second feature, Extraterrestre. His first feature, Timecrimes, is a great time travel film, full of explanations without paradox. A worthwhile suggestion for those of you interested in science fiction films. - Eve.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday Everyone!

I am back from vacation! If you need anything, feel free to contact me via post, phone or e-mail.
Cheers! - Eve.


Seeking unpaid PAs for low-budget indie black comedy called ART
MACHINE by Doug Karr, whose award-winning short TEN FOR GRANDPA
premiered at Sundance 2009. Producers include Mynette Louie of
2005, top 10 films of 2006--Artforum, Film Comment, Village Voice,

Start helping with pre-production ASAP and work through the shoot,
which ends 10/25, or some portion thereof. All NYC locations, mostly
Williamburg/Bushwick. Full-time preferred but not required--we can
have a staggered PA schedule, but you must commit at least 10 days.
Must have clean driving record, and we prefer the ability to handle a
box truck (like a moving truck) or cargo van. You will make great
connections and learn a lot (you won't just be relegated to fetching
coffee). Aspiring producers are particularly welcome to apply!

More info here:

If interested, send resume and cover letter to:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Department Chair on Vacation!

Hey Guys! Just letting you know that I will be on vacation next week Sept 13th - 17th. Please direct any questions to David Nash while I am out. I will return Monday Sept 20th.

Alpha Channel Selection

Below is the Alpha Channel list of films for this evening:

Jacqueline Star
War Dancer
Piece of Mind
One More Shot
Fatal Error
Dirty Venas
Worker Bees PSA
Gene's Revolution
Blocking the Sunshine

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Interactive Videos : The Wave of the Future?

1. Go to this site :
2. You will need Google Chrome to experience the site. Download it if you do not have it. Instructions are on the home page.
3. Type in your childhood address and begin experiencing the interactive video.
It's fascinating to me how in just ten years, knowledge has shifted from being paper/analogue based to strictly digital. It makes me wonder if this is how we will be experiencing music videos, films, television, etc. This shift is already happening with streaming media like Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo. But how far can it go? The new Arcade Fire Video, The Wilderness Downtown, plays with the idea of interactivity. Frankly, I enjoy the idea of film transforming from a passive to an active experience. I won't spoil too much. You will have to watch the video for yourself! Then let us know what you think.

If you are interested in the idea of films and their interactivity, I would suggest the websites below. They were created by the company HiRes. Remember that these are interactive sites. You will have to move your mouse around and click on random parts of the frame. The experience is all about discovery!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Star Wars II Review : Weird and Interesting

To add laughter to your weekend, I leave you with this review of Star Wars 2 : Attack of the Clones. While this reviewer's voice over is dead and monotone, he delivers an articulated and pretty well thought out explanation why this trilogy is unsuccessful. Watch and laugh!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cinema 16 Tonight in DUMBO

For one night 3 short experimental films by Maya Deren, Wallace Berman, and Kihachiro Kawamoto will be scored by Ablehearts at Smack Mellon, DUMBO.
Thursday, September 2nd
Doors open at 6:00pm
Performance by Ablehearts at 7:00pm

Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1002

Cinema 16 asks for an entry donation of $10. Catering provided by Solber Pupusas of the Red Hook Vendors. Beer sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black Swan - A word about horror films

Several instructors have given me the privilege this past year with invitations to their screenwriting classes. I have been shocked and amazed at the wealth of talent and insight that most of you posses. While some of the writing was rudimentary, the raw talent for storytelling is there; to be polished with some practice and education.
This statement couldn't be more true to those of you interested in writing and directing horror films. The horror genre is overburdened with mindless shock value and cheap thrills. With the Saw series as the genre's latest poster child, no wonder the blood gushing, maniac ravaging films are getting horrible reviews. Central plot devises rest on gimmicks rather than genuine character development. Nudity and blood are poor substitutes for acting. Zombies and vampires are played off as nothing more than overused shells of once interesting, original concepts.
The genre is suffering from the same issues in student writing.
Don't get me wrong. If you have been to my office, you would know that I am a lover of the horror genre. I am also a believer that horror films can transcend their stereotype as a powerful metaphor for psychological drama,(at times, George Romero) politics, and sociology.
I'm on a rant today because the latest reviews came out for Darren Aronofsky's latest film, Black Swan. Black Swan is opening the Venice Film Festival this evening. An advanced press screening was yesterday. One of the reviews states "Indeed, White Swan/Black Swan dynamics almost work, but the horror-movie nonsense drags everything down the rabbit hole of preposterousness." This quote makes me feel like the reviewer has a bias against the poetry of the genre rather than considering using metaphor as a compelling, dramatic storytelling device.
If you are interested in the horror genre, I would recommend the following titles as examples of what I am talking about: Dead Ringers, Let the Right One In, The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978),The Brood. Below I have posted the trailer for Black Swan. Try to see it when it comes out and make your own decision. - Eve.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Patrick Hughes - Director Site

Director Patrick Hughes was featured over the weekend on a blog that I frequent, He has just released his first feature film, Red Hill. Check out the blog post HERE for a brief description and trailer. Patrick is a successful commercial director who has also toured a few shorts on the film festival circuit. Below is his most famous short "Signs" which he did in conjunction with Radical Media.
I am featuring his work on the blog today because I believe he is a great example of how we are preparing you to work as a director in film and broadcast. He is starting off creating short films and commercials, then worked his way to feature films.
Here is the link to his professional work
I would encourage you to check out his site. This is an ideal format for your graduate web portfolio. Enjoy!

Uploaded by mg02. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Sections of DF112 and DF122

DF112 Cinematography and Lighting Section C Room 224 Sat 9am - 1pm
DF122 Screenwriting Section C Room 622 Sat 1pm - 5pm

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Art Institute Call for Submissions: Virgins & Rejects Film Festival

[SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August, 2010] – The Digital Filmmaking & Video Production department at The Art Institute of California- San Francisco proudly presents the 2nd annual Virgins & Rejects Film Festival. The Virgins & Rejects Film Festival is open to all filmmakers and gives them the opportunity to showcase their work for the first time. Virgins are classified as never having submitted to a festival; Rejects are those who have submitted, but have been rejected by a festival.

The Virgins & Rejects Film Festival was created as an elective for the Digital Film and Video Production program at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco. Film Festival 101 provides the opportunity for students to create, curate, and host a film festival while learning the behind-the-scenes of the business.

The festival debuted last year at the historic Victoria Theater in San Francisco, California with a successful program of short media by filmmakers who had either never entered into a festival or had been rejected by previous festivals. The second annual Virgins & Rejects Film Festival is dedicated to providing a venue for similar emerging and cutting edge filmmakers to showcase their films for the very first time.

The Film Festival class at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco is currently seeking submissions for the Virgins & Rejects Film Festival. Submissions can be of any genre, and should range in length from 1-15 minutes. A full list of submission guidelines can be found at the official Virgins & Rejects website. Submissions must be received by September 13, 2010.

Once all of the submissions are in, the students in the Film Festival class will jury the entries. The chosen films will be screened at the Virgins & Rejects Film Festival held at the Roxie Theatre on Thursday, October 7th, 2010. Tickets are $5 for any student with any school I.D. and $8 for general admission.

Virgins & Rejects Film Festival
October 7th, 2010 | 6pm – 9pm
Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Monday, August 23, 2010

Crew Call for Student Documentary

Crew Needed

Documentary being shot over next 6 months following a small NYC company along their School of Rock journey, leading up to a big event in December. Click HERE for an article in the NY Post regarding the project.

Looking for dedicated individuals who believe in hard work and want to be part of a fun and rewarding project.

Camera Operator:
- HVX experience, or own HD / DSLR
- Must know how to light interviews

Sound Recordist:
- Must be lav expert
- Also boom op

Assistant Editor/Transcriber:
- Log and transfer clips
- Transcribe interviews, clips

Additional Details:
- Production will result in webisodes + final film
- Main location is in Chelsea, various locations around Manhattan, Brooklyn
- Emmy winning producer involved in the project
- This project has already been covered by NY Post (soon WSJ +)
- Additional aim is for a performance on national TV in 2011

If interested please contact Jennifer Hahn

Friday, August 20, 2010

Documentry on Philadelphia's Julius Wright

I wanted to pass along this short documentary on the street rapper Julius Wright. It's a wonderful film that chronicles a portrait of Julius' DIY style hip-hop. From watching it, I am lead to believe it was shot with a DSLR. The filmmaker is Glendyn Ivin, who won best director at Cannes. Here is a link to his site, in case you are intersted

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alpha Channel Poster is HERE

This quarter, Alpha Channel will act as both Portfolio Review and juried student films. Films are due August 26th by 9pm, submitted on the student drive. Submission forms are also on the student drive. Any questions about submission, please contact Ross Williams.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Closed Classes for FA10

Below are the sections of classes that are closed due to enrollment.

DF122 Cinematography and Lighting T 8:15-12:15PM
DF132 Sound Design for Digital Film W 8:15-12:15PM
DF142 Digital Filmmaking T 1:15- 5:15PM
VP124 Directing the Actor T 6:00-10:00PM
VP205 Short Film Production M 8:15-12:15PM
VP226 Professional Production Team M 1:15- 5:15PM

Monday, August 16, 2010

Registration UPDATE

Hello Everyone! I will be adding new sections of VP205 and VP124 tomorrow. Both sections are full due to over enrollment. Look out!!!

New Sections ADDED! VP205 B Wed 1:15-5:15 VP124 B Wed 6-10p

Registration Opens Today!

AINYC Students!
On-ground Registration for the Fall Quarter begins today, Monday August 16, 2010

On ground registration starts today at 10:30am in the first floor gallery and continues on till Thursday. Please visit with David Nash to be advised.

Online Registration is open as well (minimum 12 credits to register on-line)

Classes close fast so register early!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Film's Influence on Games

Gaming is a fascinating and blooming industry, from a filmmaking perspective. Many critics claim that gaming will replace films for the younger generations. Filmmaking has had an obvious influence on 3D gaming since Wolfenstein and Doom popularized the medium in the 1990's. When 3D gaming became more sophisticated and story driven, cinematics were introduced. Cinematics are defined as short animated scenes that carry the story from mission to mission. These scenes had to follow the rules and guidelines of traditional filmmaking. More and more I am seeing openings at gaming companies that encourage filmmaking experience on resumes.
If you are a gamer and have been to my office, you would have noticed the Bioshock doll that is sitting on the mantle. The world that game series creates takes advantage of the medium through superior art direction and storytelling. I feel that the Bioshock series fits into this catagory that critics fear will take the place of filmmaking. While I am a film loyalist, occasionally, I will find myself yearning to explore worlds through an interactive, not passive, experience.
Below is the latest tralier for Bioshock Infinite, which was annoucned this week. Enjoy! - Eve.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apex Art Video Call

"Commercial" Art: Video Call
Open call for video submissions with an opportunity to win $2,000.
Accepting submissions through October 31, 2010.
Commercials may or may not be the most creative thing on TV or the Internet, but we know you can make them better. Take any broadcast commercial, cut it, dub it, repeat it, or flip it and make it art for an upcoming apexart exhibition that will be on view from November 10 - December 22, 2010. Click HERE for more information.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Original Music Video

When it comes to music videos, I am always thunderstruck by new and innovative ideas. The A Typical (band playing music at concert, rap videos with hundreds of bikini models) music videos are over played and rarely given a second look. The band Ok Go has a career based on their creative and quirky music videos. Today's video is from a band named Pigeons. It's a simple video about a girl who is drunk at a party. Pay attention to the way it is filmed. It makes you feel drunk. That is good filmmaking. - Eve

The Hundred in the Hands - Pigeons (Music Video) from DANIELS on Vimeo.

An unspoken industry

"Pre Visualization is is a collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences, predominantly using 3D animation tools and a virtual environment. It enables filmmakers to visually explore creative ideas, plan technical solutions, and communicate a shared vision for efficient production" This is the definition phrased by the VES (Visual Effects Society)
This field is primarily been the concern of the VFX directors and supervisors, until now. As time and money are key factors in film production, it behooves you, as a director, to become familiar with this process. Pre Vis is an excellent way to plan your production before you even set foot on a set. The documentry has a great segment that promote the use of pre vis outside of action sequences and heavy vfx. Watch and share your thoughts. - Eve.

Previs Documentary - Part 1 from Previsualization Society on Vimeo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Roz Sohnen's Workshop

Subject: Hitchcock, his films and collaborators
Time: 6-8 PM on Tuesday nights on August 17,24th and 31st.
Maximum: 25 people.
Workshops will be held in the Gallery

- This is a fantastic opportunity to those interested in directing and film theory.

Ross William's Workshop

Subject: Audio and DSLRs: strategies for sync recording
Date: August 25th 5.30-9.30pm T.V studio followed by 227
Maximum: 10 people

- If you plan on shooting with a DSLR, it's extremely important that you sign up for this workshop. Please see Ross Williams for any further details.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jason Moore Workshops This Quarter

Selling Your Short Film
You just made a great short film: now what? Learn the secrets of getting your film into festivals and discover ways to gain exposure, get some buzz, and even make some money from your short. Thousands of other filmmakers are doing it, so can you!
When: Wednesday, August 11, 6-9pm
Where: Room 733
Max enrollment: 25

Green Screen Basics
Want to learn the basics of lighting, shooting, and editing green screen material? Jason Moore and Johnny Woods will take you through the process. It's easier than you think!
When: Saturday, August 14, 10AM-4PM
Where: TV Studio
Max enrollment: 15

Kanye : Video Teaser

As promised, the best I could do is a teaser. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video Collage : Behind the Scenes of Power

Today's video is brought to you by a member of our new admissions staff! Thank you!
I posted this video because the director Marco Brambilla has approached the medium of music videos in a new an refreshing way. Like the Jay-Z video posted before, this video has it's roots in the classical fine art world to create something new to the eyes of the MTV generation. Watch and enjoy! When Power is released to the internet, I will post it for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Catfish : Thoughts?

Every once in a while, I find trailers to films that just get me.
Today, Apple has posted an official trailer for the documentary, Catfish, which premiered at Sundance this past January. Catfish is the kind of film that is described as being more successful knowing little to nothing about it. A great example of that kind of film is the Blair Witch Project. My friends and I bought advanced tickets to an afternoon screening during it's original, limited run. To this day, it was one of the greatest theater experiences I have ever had. The audience knew nothing about the film, only word of mouth (before the boom of the internet :) Everyone in the cinema was silent throughout the entire running time. After the last frame, every single person in the theater did not get up until the last credit rolled. We were all in a sudden state of shock. It was great to experience that with an audience.

The most recent example of this is Paranormal Activity. The original marketing campaign was truly successful (limited midnight only screenings, on-line petition for a wide - release). Then, TV and trailers destroyed the film's effect by including the last scene in advertisements. (Kinda like showing the Statue of Liberty in all the posters for the original "Planet of the Apes") Point being that if you know what's going on ahead of time, the suspense does not exist for you.

After I watched this trailer, my instant reaction was that this film might deliver the same experience. I think it does a great job building suspense without ruining the "twist". I know nothing about this film and plan on keeping it that way until I see the limited run in mid-September. If you have any thoughts, please share :) - Eve.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Permit FAQs

As promised, in Production Documents (right side, bottom of the links) is the published Permit FAQs, provided by Jason Moore. If you are planning your shoot, please read this document to determine if you need a permit.

/Filmcast NYC Meetup TONIGHT

If any of you follow the /Film Blog (located under Film/Commercial Blogs), then you should consider going to their NYC meetup tonight.
For details go to

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tips on being an employable filmmaker

Student Gabriel Garcia sent me a video of Kick Campbell ( talking about being an employable motion designer. Now, I know you guys are not motion designers, however the tips he gives in his talk apply to aspiring filmmakers, especially in NY.
Nick makes several valid points for students and novices trying to get jobs in the media arts field. He references specifically motion design until half way through his talk. The latter half of the talk applies to both designers and filmmakers. I think this will give you the general perception of the current job market and a unique look at, specifically, the motion graphics world. Enjoy!

How to Be A Motion Designer and GET PAID from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fees Required at the Permit Office

This week I have gotten two calls from students, warning about the $300 fee that is now required for new projects. This includes student projects. A fee is attached to each, separate project. Below is a quote from the website.
In July 2008, the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting adopted rules governing the issuance of permits in connection with filming activity in New York City. The adopted rules outline the practices of the MOFTB, codifying the procedures that have existed since the office was established in 1966. In June 2010, MOFTB adopted an amendment to those rules regarding the implementation of a $300 fee for the processing of the initial application of any new project.

Effective since August 2008, the rules require a permit if filmmakers use vehicles or equipment, or, in certain situations, assert exclusive use of City property. Permits are not be required for casual photographers, tourists, credentialed members of the media, or other members of the public who do not use vehicles or equipment or assert exclusive use of City property.
Please click HERE for Mayor's Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting to get the official guidelines. This link is also included under the Production Documents Link for future reference.

Remember that not ALL shoots require a permit. Instructor Jason Moore is drafting an FAQ for students to review before applying for a permit. When I get that list, it will be published on the blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ian Fischer at Comic-Con

The AINYC Community Blog has a brief report and trailer for instructor Ian Fischer's documentary on Steve Rude titled, "Rude Dude". Below is Ian's official trailer. Click HERE for the AINYC Community Blog Post.

Rude Dude documentary Comicon trailer from ian fischer on Vimeo.

Levi's loves DSLR

For those of you who love DSLR, here is a Levi's AD that brings both DYI stop motion and cross country driving together to create this clever ad. The top is the commercial. The bottom is the making of. Enjoy!

AENY : Users Group Meeting

Hello Everyone! If you are interested in After Effects or want to meet people interested in After Effects, I would strongly recommend that you attend this FREE users group meeting. AENY is full of information regarding the motion graphics, composting, and animation areas. They meet once a month, usually at PS41.
Date July 29, 2010 Time 6:45PM-9:00PM Location PS 41
Click HERE for their site.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest Lectures and Open Lab

1. Everyone who signed up for the AINYC Text Messaging service received a text regarding last night's guest speaker Anna Dokza, Producer for HBO Fight of the Concords and Bored to Death. Both Wednesday night sections of Visual Storytelling were in attendance. According to the dean, the conversation was lively and many great questions were asked. My apologies for not posting the event on the blog. Anna was rescheduled late on Tuesday evening. The dates and times for Rich Hunt and Don Argott will be posted as the dates get closer. Many thanks to everyone who atteneded!
2. A few students stopped by my office the past few days asking about the new computers in the 5th floor open labs (7 Mac Pros on the right hand side wall). I understand that some students are concerned these computers will be used by students outside of the DF and VP departments at busy times (mid quarter and finals). At this time, the technology department is overwhelmed with responsiblites and cannot properly police the open lab. The best advice I can give you guys is to maintain open communication. Ask fellow students if they can move to another computer or an open lab if they are not using FCP or Final Draft. At this stage, we have to rely on the honor code. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel stop by my office or e-mail me. I'll be happy to answer any questions or address concerns.
Thanks! - Eve.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Information

Two new items in "Department Information"
1. Dilys Shiao's name and contact info has been included. If you need a room reservation, contact Dilys via e-mail with the time, date, and requested room.
2. The cage has instituted a new reservation policy. E-mails from instructors will no longer be accepted. Please speak with Dave or Joe at the cage for details.

35 movies in 2 minutes

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

Test your film knowledge! There are 35 movies graphically represented in this 2 minute animated film. See how many you can films you get off the top of your head! - Eve.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Hours at the Cage!

As most of you know, AINYC is now open on Sundays! The cage will be open Sunday as well. The new hours are posted to the right.

Also, there have been some tech glitches on the blog. Hopefully they have been fixed. If there are any issues, please report them by sending an e-mail to Thanks!

AINYC and the Honey Bee Conservancy

The department is teaming up with non - profit organizations in order to bring the professional experience to the classroom. This past quarter students from Jason Moore and Susi Graf's classes worked with the Honey Bee Conservancy and the NY Pops. Guillermo Fernandez, director of the Honey Bee Conservancy, recently got in touch with me to show how the classwork of the students was used in the real world. Below is one of three PSA's produced by Jason Moore's class. If you want to see all three, below are the links to the Honey Bee's Vimeo and YouTube channels. Congratulations to both Jason and Susi's classes for contributing this past quarter! - Eve. *Credits for these three spots are as follows:
"Imagine PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Justin Combs
"Worker Bees PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Daniel Gonzalez
"We Need to Talk PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Jennifer Hahn

Join the Bee Movement from thehoneybeeconservancy on Vimeo.

*Credits courtesy of Jennifer Hahn

Student Filmmakers Competition: Summer Shorts

From their post : "The goal of the Summer Shorts Awards is to help facilitate the sharing of creative ideas and production techniques within the independent filmmaker community and to showcase the talents of filmmakers by providing them with a platform in the public to advance their careers."

The First Place winner will receive a Steadicam Merlin with arm/vest kit($2800). More prizes to be announced.

Official Rules:
# Every Entry Must Be 5 to 10 Minutes.
# Every Entry Must Be 85 Megabytes or Less.
# Digital Movies over 10 Minutes & Over 85 Megabytes will not be accepted.

Contest deadline is toward the end of September.
Click HERE for more details.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Two YouTube Competitions

Hello All! YouTube has two interesting competitions going on right now.
1. Play: A collaboration with the Guggenheim - "It is the goal of YouTube Play to reach the widest possible audience, inviting each and every individual with access to the Internet to submit a video for consideration. The end result will hopefully be the ultimate YouTube playlist: a selection of the most unique, innovative, groundbreaking video work being created and distributed online during the past two years"

Click HERE to read more about the exhibition and submissions.

2. 07/24/10 - "A life in a day" is a social experiment where documentary filmmaker Kevin MacDonald will be cutting together 20 video submissions (all shot on July 24th) to create a snippit of life on earth in one day.

Click HERE to read more about the contest and submissions.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking for Production Documents?

Instructor Jason Moore has provided a variety of production documents available on this blog that are ready for download. Go to the bottom of the links on the right side of the page under "Production Documents". If you are unfamiliar with Google Docs, an instructional video has been created to help you download documents and templates. Any technical issues? Contact the department chair via e-mail.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Film Funding Link

A quick word: There is a new link in the "Film Funding" section titled 10 Crowd Funding Tips from Kickstarter. This is a great blog post that has good tips for DIY filmmakers.

Where Production and Post Collide

There is a great debate in the feature film industry. Where is the line between production and post production drawn? Technology has always been a factor in making films. It limits the types of shots a cinematographer can get. It influences the performance of the actors. It dictates the possibilities of the world a director can create. More and more computers and post production are influencing how a film is shot. This is the first time in the history of cinema where an actor's performance can be manipulated after production is completed. Sure, a skillful editor can use the power of juxtaposition to create multiple meanings from an actor's performance. However, the performance was still, alone, the actor's performance. Now, the performance can be enhanced and changed by skillful computer animators.
An article on the film blog, Twitch (this blog is listed in the blogs to the right) discusses this issue from an audience perspective. I think this is great reading and should get you thinking when and where to use post-production.

Cheers, Eve.