Friday, June 29, 2012

Danger 5 - Miniatures and Studio Shoot

Danger 5 is produced by Australian Broadcast Channel SBS. This series is a hilarious satire of the pulp spy television shows and films from the 1960's. They have most of their episodes online. I came across this first episode, recommended by the Golden Briefcase Podcast. This series is fun and interesting, all done on two sets with minatures for exteriors. Think of what you can do with our own TV studio and proper set design. Check out episode 1 of 5 below!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lisa Leung Fashion Video

In case you missed it, here is the most recent edition of the Film/Fashion collaboration by Fan Wu, Jason Moore, and the students of the FA11 quarter DF226 Professional Production Team class. This video can be found under the Alpha Channel Link at the top of the blog. Also, the Alpha Channel Selection from this past Spring Quarter can be found in our videos. Just click on Alpha Channel link at the top!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

VHX Platform for Artists Program

Digital Distribution has been discussed at length on this blog. (See Kevin Smith at Sundance - Film Festivals, Obsolete?) Here is the latest edition to revenue based digital distribution. VHX promises a service that will allow for artists to upload and distribute their films directly to their fan bases. They use INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE and STAR WARS : UNCUT as their success stories. It's funny that their hook it to "cut out the middle man" when in essence they are the middle man. However, this is an interesting alternative to film festival distribution. Check it out and let us know what you think. LINK -
 * First found from SOTW -

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IATSE Workshop This Weekend! Cinematography Students Should Apply


Presented by International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600
Co-sponsored by IATSE Local 52 and ARRI/CSC

Saturday, Sunday - June 23, 24, 2012
2 Emerson Lane, Secaucus, New Jersey (just a few steps from ARRI/CSC)

Two days of master classes, presentations, panel discussions and show floor demonstrations about the art, craft and technology of lighting; cinematography; and digital workflows on-set and in post-production. The expo will feature more than 30 camera, lighting, film negative, software, post-production and accessory vendors and will focus on education.

Local 52 and Local 600 Members - Free (with a refundable $50.00 deposit)
Non-members - $100.00 / Students - $ 50.00
Breakfast, lunch and Saturday evening dinner included
Reservations required - Contact Robbie Moore at Local 600, NYC, 212 647-7300

Free Parking
Port of Authority Path Train to Secaucus Station, free shuttle from Secaucus Station to and from location, mornings and end of day
Saturday, June 23   -  8:30 AM - 10:00 PM 
(8:30 AM breakfast, 9:00 AM show floor opens, 9:30 AM sessions begin, 6:00 PM Arri/CSC Bavarian BBQ & Beer) 
Lighting Master Class with DP Reed Morano ("Frozen River," "Little Birds"), one of Variety's 10 Cinematographers to Watch and a Kodak Vision Award recipient

Starting with the Finish - Leading DITs joining top post-production facility artists and technologists for an examination of post-production workflows

Lighting Master Class with DP Tom Stern, ASC ("J. Edgar," "Mystic River"), an Oscar and BSC Award nominee who has worked with Clint Eastwood for a decade

Lab-in-a-Box - Leading DITS join top post-production facility artists and technologists to examine the benefits and challenges of varied approaches to onset dailies and color management.

Bavarian BBQ & Beer - Hosted by Arri/CSC in celebration of Hardwrick Johnson's 50 years with the company  

Sunday, June 24  -  8:30 AM - 6:00 PM  
(8:30 AM breakfast, 9:00 AM show floor opens, 9:30 AM sessions begin)  
ACES and Digital Workflows - Curtis Clark, ASC, chair, ASC Technology Committee explains the ACES color management system and how to design ACES compliant workflows, citing his recent short film "Eldorado" (4K, 16-BIT)

LED Presentation: Color Theory and Practical Applications - Frank Marsico, president of Shadowstone, delves into color perception and science and the creative use of automated, LED and plasma lighting, accompanied by a video presentation from John Erland, Chair, AMPAS Sci-Tech Council's Solid State Lighting Subcommittee

Lighting Master Class with DP Rodrigo Prieto, ASC ("Babel," "Biutiful"), an Oscar and ASC Award nominee and multiple Camerimage Award winner.   

Transitioning Into the Digital World - Leading cinematographers, gaffers and key grips examine how new technologies are transforming their collaborative process on-set

About Local 600
The International Cinematographers Guild represents the most talented camera professionals in the world. The technicians and artisans in our union are the creators of the visual images on the big screen, the television screen and our computer screen.

International Cinematographers Guild members - Directors of Photography, Camera Operators and Assistants, Computer Graphics Specialists, Visual Effects Supervisors, Still Photographers, Publicists and more - are part of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. The IATSE is comprised of highly skilled technicians working in film, television, live entertainment, animation, special effects and new media.

icg magazine

Bedtime Stories for Filmmakers

Monday, June 18, 2012

Digital Bolex, Black Magic, Alexa, Oh My!

With all the different kinds of Professional Camera's in the market its a wonder why there isn't a class strictly based on buying a camera. With all the different functions, lenses and other bells and whistle that these camera's come with these days, its just a good idea to be well rounded and get the basics of what a camera does. This is why we at the Art institute use these 3 cameras:


These are professional cameras being used in the industry today and they exhibit the foundation for all higher standards of Digital Filming camera's. By understanding and learning the basics of these camera's you can easily move up to something like the Alexa, BlackMagic, RED, or digitial bolex. Everyone needs to start with the basics and with all the different camera's out there you need to know what your doing before you go out and use a multi-thousand dollar camera to make your big Hollywood movie.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Alpha Channel SOLD OUT!

Hey guys,

Alpha Channel is Sold Out at 92Y Tribeca. You can still see Alpha Channel tonight in the TV Studio (D224) at 6:30pm.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alpha Channel Tickets and Program SP12

Below is the Alpha Channel Program for the Spring 2012 Show. This program is subject to last minute changes for thesis films.

DF226 - Harlem Knights Doc.
Catherine Pajares - Prayer
Joshua Rossy - ABItronix Commercial
Daniel Arena - Epic Brew
Andrew Greenblatt - Prestige Pride
Fredrick Orozco - Vespa Trailer
Adam Spieler Thesis Film
Geroni J - I
Manny Oliveira - AI Redux

Please click on the link below for your tickets! All portfolio students should get their tickets through here!

Film Festivals Obsolete?

Jason Moore's Professional Practice in the Film Industry covers online distribution and festival exposure. This class is the stepping stone for students to apply their school experience to the real world. A best practice for you is to be consistently aware of the industry from the moment you begin school. It is smart for all of you (regardless of your quarter) to follow up on important discussions happening in film distribution and creation. An article posted on the blog, Sub Genre, discusses how filmmakers are making smarter business decisions by making their content available online and utilizing crowd-sourcing in order create more work. This concept raises interesting questions. While it's a great model to get started, how does the future look when filmmakers need to sustain income for mortgages and children? Participate in the conversation! Do some research. Be involved in your career.

Here are two film companies who are thriving off of the social media model. Check out how they do it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fashion Film - a collaboration between Digital Film, Fashion Design, and Interior Design departments

The Fashion Film screening June 6th Wednesday at 6pm in the gallery. This film was a collaboration between three departments: Digital Film, Fashion Design, and Interior Design. The film shows the work of Fashion Designer Lisa Leung, with the story, shooting and editing done by DF students and the set designed and built by the ID students. It's a short, casual screening and is open for anyone.

Red Bull Asks to Inspire Tarantino in 'Django' Emerging Artist Contest

Hey Guys,

Do you have nothing better to do over break? Submit your work to this. 
For more into go to

Friday, June 1, 2012

Professional Student Guide

Hello Everybody,

It has been some time since I've last posted anything on the blog (mostly because I'm really not much of a blogger) but I think after spending time as a student of Ai and meeting different students while working at the CAGE I've thought of some topics that may be helpful to addressed. Therefore, with the help of some faculty members I will be posting short Essay's on how to be a "Professional Student" and what you can do to both get good grades and maintain a good reputation on campus. These post are open for debate and are meant to give a type of guidance to students who need a way to put college life into perspective. Maybe there are those of you out there who agree or disagree and we welcome positive criticism so long as the main goal is to help students adjust to college life. Thank you.  - Freddie@TheCage

PSG 101
Entitlement – Part 1
As a new student to any school you should not feel entitled to anything. Entitlement is a tricky issue when dealing with various assets of the college experience. Reputation is everything in the filmmaking industry. Retaining the reputation of being “entitled” labels someone as being difficult to work with and unreliable. In dealing with the cage and staff, students should be aware that they are investing in the expertise of their instructors. That expertise must be respected at all times. Yes, there are many frustrations and limitations working within an academic environment. However, that should not overcome everyone’s responsibility in respecting each other’s role in academia. A false sense of entitlement puts students in danger of setting off on the wrong path while they are in school. Schools and institutions can only supply what they can afford, just like you can only afford what gets you by. For example, most students have jobs that they get paid for and they use this money to pay for things like:

Utilities – Electricity, Gas, Water etc.
Rent – which can be $500 and up
Credit cards
Car Payments or (transportation to and from work)

I am sure many students can relate to the items above and you may even have more expenses to add to that list. Well a School or Institution is a business and believe it or not businesses also have to pay for things like:

Utilities – Electricity, Gas, Water etc.
Rent – which can be $10 Grand and up
Employees – (could be you)
Equipment – Computers, office supplies, other work related items
Transportation for some employees

Walking into any school assuming that the institution can provide every student with thousands of dollars of equipment is a one-way trip to disappointment. Every institution’s priority is a student’s success in their field. Even professionals have to problem solve their way through budgets and limits. Students should embrace the assets and instruction they receive humbly. It may save their career someday:)

Did you know that Lord of the Rings is an independent film?

What classifies a film as independent? We assume that it means a starving artist puts ten thousand dollars on their credit card to fund their passion project. Actually, an independent film is defined as "a film financed in part by pre-sales to distributors, often on the basis of a script or a star attached to the project". The pre-production phase is done independently, without finance (ie. writing the script, casting, recruiting the creative crew etc.) The completion of the project is risked by a few financiers who believe in the project's success based on the creative materials provided. This differentiates from the studio system where a team of creatives are employed to create films within studio control. Critics and fans tend to look down on this system because creative control is dictated by producers that make business decisions in the creative process.

Below is a great article that discusses how the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was funded independently. It's bizarre and inspiring to think that such a large franchise was funded in this way. I believe the success of this series was Peter Jackson's ability to retain creative control which was possible by fund-raising on the stipulation that his ideas remain intact. However, it's difficult get funding in this way without a solid reputation for being a successful filmmaker. Read and let us know what you think.