Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tips on being an employable filmmaker

Student Gabriel Garcia sent me a video of Kick Campbell ( talking about being an employable motion designer. Now, I know you guys are not motion designers, however the tips he gives in his talk apply to aspiring filmmakers, especially in NY.
Nick makes several valid points for students and novices trying to get jobs in the media arts field. He references specifically motion design until half way through his talk. The latter half of the talk applies to both designers and filmmakers. I think this will give you the general perception of the current job market and a unique look at, specifically, the motion graphics world. Enjoy!

How to Be A Motion Designer and GET PAID from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.


  1. Lots of helpful tips

  2. Pay attention to the section where he talks about socializing within the field. It's a smaller world than we think. You can politely disagree with someone without losing their respect. Remember to leave drama at the door when creating allies in this business.