Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AIGA : Title Design Talk

This is a great talk for any of you who are interested in title design. The clip below is an example of Karin's work. Wait about 1 min for it to get started.

"Join Karin Fong, founding member of Imaginary Forces and renown title designer, as she discusses the collaborative nature of designing cinematic experiences in its many roles.

As director and designer for a wide range of projects, spanning the worlds of fashion, entertainment, advertising, live-action direction, video games, experience design and environmental installations, Karin's work carries a unique stamp whether it features the Marines or stop motion claymation figures."

The event is this Thursday June 17th from 6-9pm.

Click HERE to sign up for the event.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reminder: Film Festival Deadline

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society Student Awards are due Tomorrow! Check out the Film Festivals section for details!

RED Camera Workshop in July! $49!

This is from Raindance NYC. To read up on Raindance, check in the AINYC VP Links section. Read the description below:
"This workshop is designed to educate producers, directors and cinematographers about the best practices of shooting with Red One. This workshop navigates filmmakers through every aspect of high-end digital cinematography.

The Red One camera has revolutionized the world of independent filmmaking. In the last year hundreds of projects, from small indies to huge blockbusters like “District 9,” utilized Red’s 35mm censor and 4k resolution.

However, this cutting-edge technology has introduced a lot of questions: How does Red One compare to 35mm film, HD and other digital cameras? What are the cost advantages and disadvantages of Red? What is the best workflow for handling Red on the set and in post-production? How will shooting on Red One effect the sales potential of the film?

This workshop is designed to educate producers, directors and cinematographers about the best practices of shooting with Red One and navigate filmmakers through the minefield of high-end digital cinematography.

Red One Camera Workshop is co-presented by Persona Films, an award-winning film and commercial production company based in New York City and Twitch Post, a post-production boutique specializing in Red workflow in post."

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in RED Cinematography. And cheap! Click HERE for details and to sign up.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Building Hours for Monday!

FYI: The building will be open until 2am the evening of Monday June 14th (into the 15th).
Last chance to get your final finished!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Student Filmmakers Workshop : Feature Films

This workshop is for students who are interested in making low budget feature films. Here is their write up: "In this three hour event, Michael will talk about how to accomplish a feature film within limited budget, how to shoot from the POV of the various mobile, computer and web-based cameras and how he wrote the script entirely based on real occurrences, and what aesthetic choices to be made for a film that raises awareness."
The event is Saturday June 19th from 6 - 9pm $25.00.

Click HERE for more information.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vimeo On-Line Festival

If you have a Vimeo account, then you should look into the film festival they are sponsoring. It will be in NYC! Their list of judges include David Lynch and Roman Coppola. This is a fantastic opportunity for your work to be considered and displayed to a large audience. Here is the description on their site:
"At Vimeo, we have front-row seats to some of the most ground-breaking films and videos being produced today. It's time to recognize the people pushing the boundaries of creative video online. The Vimeo Awards celebrates the innovative creators who choose the internet to share their work with the world.
This being the first year of the Awards, we wanted to go all out. That's why we have awesome judges to judge your work in a variety of categories and a jam packed 2 day festival to let everyone join in on the fun.
The Awards are open to everyone. If your video debuted on any online platform, we want to see it, just make sure you are eligible for one of our great awards."
Click HERE for their page. - Thanks to Paul for the additional suggestion.


Company: Digital Film Academy
Position: Academy Assistant
Location: Mid-Town Manhattan

This is an entry level position. Wage will be higher than minimum.

Person needs to be able to keep track of equipment inventory and assist with final cut pro (NOT TEACH) just assist students with basics while they practice. Also knowledge of basic 3 point lighting is a plus. We will further train qualified employee with proper sound recording and more complex lighting for in house productions.

Qualified applicants can have no chronic health issues (ie: bad back or stomach) We are looking for a person who works well with others and can think on their feet. We serve our people with authority. Benefits include no cost training at our facility.


More Info: http://www.digitalfilmacademy.com

Apply to: Patrick Visit here to apply: http://www.mandy.com/2/formreply0.cfm

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alpha Channel NEXT WEEK!

Alpha Channel is next week. The date has been changed to June 8th TUESDAY!
Come out and see the best of the best this quarter.