Friday, August 13, 2010

Film's Influence on Games

Gaming is a fascinating and blooming industry, from a filmmaking perspective. Many critics claim that gaming will replace films for the younger generations. Filmmaking has had an obvious influence on 3D gaming since Wolfenstein and Doom popularized the medium in the 1990's. When 3D gaming became more sophisticated and story driven, cinematics were introduced. Cinematics are defined as short animated scenes that carry the story from mission to mission. These scenes had to follow the rules and guidelines of traditional filmmaking. More and more I am seeing openings at gaming companies that encourage filmmaking experience on resumes.
If you are a gamer and have been to my office, you would have noticed the Bioshock doll that is sitting on the mantle. The world that game series creates takes advantage of the medium through superior art direction and storytelling. I feel that the Bioshock series fits into this catagory that critics fear will take the place of filmmaking. While I am a film loyalist, occasionally, I will find myself yearning to explore worlds through an interactive, not passive, experience.
Below is the latest tralier for Bioshock Infinite, which was annoucned this week. Enjoy! - Eve.

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