Thursday, December 9, 2010

Film Podcasts: The Golden Briefcase

Students of film usually enroll in school for the true love of the medium. Talking endlessly about character, story, and craft is an outlet to express that love. In my opinion, this is an overly sentimental way to express an "obsession", however more poetic than sounding like a serial killer.
While I am filling out paperwork, I keep my mind fresh by listening to film podcasts. One I would like to recommend is "The Golden Briefcase". The program has a nice balance of conversation and film geekery that feels like a few intelligent friends sitting in a living room enjoying a beer after a movie. Since I started listening, I have called into the program twice to address some issues that have been brought up in school; Low Budget with a Good Story (addresses HD technology in film), and Contests for Young Filmmakers (addresses the Amazon Debate). Click on the links below to hear these episodes:
If you enjoy this type of program, subscribe on iTunes and feel free to surf around the web for other podcasts. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment to this post. Thanks! 

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