Friday, July 30, 2010

Permit FAQs

As promised, in Production Documents (right side, bottom of the links) is the published Permit FAQs, provided by Jason Moore. If you are planning your shoot, please read this document to determine if you need a permit.

/Filmcast NYC Meetup TONIGHT

If any of you follow the /Film Blog (located under Film/Commercial Blogs), then you should consider going to their NYC meetup tonight.
For details go to

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tips on being an employable filmmaker

Student Gabriel Garcia sent me a video of Kick Campbell ( talking about being an employable motion designer. Now, I know you guys are not motion designers, however the tips he gives in his talk apply to aspiring filmmakers, especially in NY.
Nick makes several valid points for students and novices trying to get jobs in the media arts field. He references specifically motion design until half way through his talk. The latter half of the talk applies to both designers and filmmakers. I think this will give you the general perception of the current job market and a unique look at, specifically, the motion graphics world. Enjoy!

How to Be A Motion Designer and GET PAID from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fees Required at the Permit Office

This week I have gotten two calls from students, warning about the $300 fee that is now required for new projects. This includes student projects. A fee is attached to each, separate project. Below is a quote from the website.
In July 2008, the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting adopted rules governing the issuance of permits in connection with filming activity in New York City. The adopted rules outline the practices of the MOFTB, codifying the procedures that have existed since the office was established in 1966. In June 2010, MOFTB adopted an amendment to those rules regarding the implementation of a $300 fee for the processing of the initial application of any new project.

Effective since August 2008, the rules require a permit if filmmakers use vehicles or equipment, or, in certain situations, assert exclusive use of City property. Permits are not be required for casual photographers, tourists, credentialed members of the media, or other members of the public who do not use vehicles or equipment or assert exclusive use of City property.
Please click HERE for Mayor's Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting to get the official guidelines. This link is also included under the Production Documents Link for future reference.

Remember that not ALL shoots require a permit. Instructor Jason Moore is drafting an FAQ for students to review before applying for a permit. When I get that list, it will be published on the blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ian Fischer at Comic-Con

The AINYC Community Blog has a brief report and trailer for instructor Ian Fischer's documentary on Steve Rude titled, "Rude Dude". Below is Ian's official trailer. Click HERE for the AINYC Community Blog Post.

Rude Dude documentary Comicon trailer from ian fischer on Vimeo.

Levi's loves DSLR

For those of you who love DSLR, here is a Levi's AD that brings both DYI stop motion and cross country driving together to create this clever ad. The top is the commercial. The bottom is the making of. Enjoy!

AENY : Users Group Meeting

Hello Everyone! If you are interested in After Effects or want to meet people interested in After Effects, I would strongly recommend that you attend this FREE users group meeting. AENY is full of information regarding the motion graphics, composting, and animation areas. They meet once a month, usually at PS41.
Date July 29, 2010 Time 6:45PM-9:00PM Location PS 41
Click HERE for their site.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest Lectures and Open Lab

1. Everyone who signed up for the AINYC Text Messaging service received a text regarding last night's guest speaker Anna Dokza, Producer for HBO Fight of the Concords and Bored to Death. Both Wednesday night sections of Visual Storytelling were in attendance. According to the dean, the conversation was lively and many great questions were asked. My apologies for not posting the event on the blog. Anna was rescheduled late on Tuesday evening. The dates and times for Rich Hunt and Don Argott will be posted as the dates get closer. Many thanks to everyone who atteneded!
2. A few students stopped by my office the past few days asking about the new computers in the 5th floor open labs (7 Mac Pros on the right hand side wall). I understand that some students are concerned these computers will be used by students outside of the DF and VP departments at busy times (mid quarter and finals). At this time, the technology department is overwhelmed with responsiblites and cannot properly police the open lab. The best advice I can give you guys is to maintain open communication. Ask fellow students if they can move to another computer or an open lab if they are not using FCP or Final Draft. At this stage, we have to rely on the honor code. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel stop by my office or e-mail me. I'll be happy to answer any questions or address concerns.
Thanks! - Eve.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Information

Two new items in "Department Information"
1. Dilys Shiao's name and contact info has been included. If you need a room reservation, contact Dilys via e-mail with the time, date, and requested room.
2. The cage has instituted a new reservation policy. E-mails from instructors will no longer be accepted. Please speak with Dave or Joe at the cage for details.

35 movies in 2 minutes

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

Test your film knowledge! There are 35 movies graphically represented in this 2 minute animated film. See how many you can films you get off the top of your head! - Eve.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Hours at the Cage!

As most of you know, AINYC is now open on Sundays! The cage will be open Sunday as well. The new hours are posted to the right.

Also, there have been some tech glitches on the blog. Hopefully they have been fixed. If there are any issues, please report them by sending an e-mail to Thanks!

AINYC and the Honey Bee Conservancy

The department is teaming up with non - profit organizations in order to bring the professional experience to the classroom. This past quarter students from Jason Moore and Susi Graf's classes worked with the Honey Bee Conservancy and the NY Pops. Guillermo Fernandez, director of the Honey Bee Conservancy, recently got in touch with me to show how the classwork of the students was used in the real world. Below is one of three PSA's produced by Jason Moore's class. If you want to see all three, below are the links to the Honey Bee's Vimeo and YouTube channels. Congratulations to both Jason and Susi's classes for contributing this past quarter! - Eve. *Credits for these three spots are as follows:
"Imagine PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Justin Combs
"Worker Bees PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Daniel Gonzalez
"We Need to Talk PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Jennifer Hahn

Join the Bee Movement from thehoneybeeconservancy on Vimeo.

*Credits courtesy of Jennifer Hahn

Student Filmmakers Competition: Summer Shorts

From their post : "The goal of the Summer Shorts Awards is to help facilitate the sharing of creative ideas and production techniques within the independent filmmaker community and to showcase the talents of filmmakers by providing them with a platform in the public to advance their careers."

The First Place winner will receive a Steadicam Merlin with arm/vest kit($2800). More prizes to be announced.

Official Rules:
# Every Entry Must Be 5 to 10 Minutes.
# Every Entry Must Be 85 Megabytes or Less.
# Digital Movies over 10 Minutes & Over 85 Megabytes will not be accepted.

Contest deadline is toward the end of September.
Click HERE for more details.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Two YouTube Competitions

Hello All! YouTube has two interesting competitions going on right now.
1. Play: A collaboration with the Guggenheim - "It is the goal of YouTube Play to reach the widest possible audience, inviting each and every individual with access to the Internet to submit a video for consideration. The end result will hopefully be the ultimate YouTube playlist: a selection of the most unique, innovative, groundbreaking video work being created and distributed online during the past two years"

Click HERE to read more about the exhibition and submissions.

2. 07/24/10 - "A life in a day" is a social experiment where documentary filmmaker Kevin MacDonald will be cutting together 20 video submissions (all shot on July 24th) to create a snippit of life on earth in one day.

Click HERE to read more about the contest and submissions.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking for Production Documents?

Instructor Jason Moore has provided a variety of production documents available on this blog that are ready for download. Go to the bottom of the links on the right side of the page under "Production Documents". If you are unfamiliar with Google Docs, an instructional video has been created to help you download documents and templates. Any technical issues? Contact the department chair via e-mail.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Film Funding Link

A quick word: There is a new link in the "Film Funding" section titled 10 Crowd Funding Tips from Kickstarter. This is a great blog post that has good tips for DIY filmmakers.

Where Production and Post Collide

There is a great debate in the feature film industry. Where is the line between production and post production drawn? Technology has always been a factor in making films. It limits the types of shots a cinematographer can get. It influences the performance of the actors. It dictates the possibilities of the world a director can create. More and more computers and post production are influencing how a film is shot. This is the first time in the history of cinema where an actor's performance can be manipulated after production is completed. Sure, a skillful editor can use the power of juxtaposition to create multiple meanings from an actor's performance. However, the performance was still, alone, the actor's performance. Now, the performance can be enhanced and changed by skillful computer animators.
An article on the film blog, Twitch (this blog is listed in the blogs to the right) discusses this issue from an audience perspective. I think this is great reading and should get you thinking when and where to use post-production.

Cheers, Eve.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Smalls : Short Film Festival Submission OPEN

From their post "The Smalls is proud to introduce The Smalls Short Film Fest 2010, an exciting 2-day event where we present the very best in short film from around the world and celebrate both established and new talent within independent cinema.

Now in our 5th year as a curator and supporter of short film this is also our 5th year presenting our annual film showcase, which will be part of The Smalls Short Film Fest 2010 – and we are working to make this year’s celebration extra special. We will screen a wide selection of exceptional short films and provide filmmakers with unique opportunities to meet and make contact with directors, writers and producers from the film and television industries. Prepare to be inspired, amused, entertained and maybe even provoked by the extraordinary program of films and special sessions that we have planned.

The Smalls Short Film Fest 2010, which includes this year’s public showcase, will be held at The Gallery Soho (125 Charing Cross Rd) during The London Design Festival on September 22 – 23. The best entries will win The Smalls Short Film Fest 2010 and pick up a £1,000 cash prize."

- Entering your thesis films into contests and festivals is a fantastic way for you to begin your film making career as a director. If that is the direction you want to go, this is a terrific opportunity. Get those thesis films beyond Alpha Channel! - Eve.

Click HERE for official guidelines and contest entry.
Deadline to submit: September 6th, 2010

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their break. Welcome to the new students! This summer quarter is will be jammed packed with seminars, workshops, and guest lectures! Also, the big Alpha Channel Event at the Tribeca Cinemas will be happening September 10th at 8:30pm. Mark the date and submit your films. Be sure to keep checking in for schedules and updates. - Eve.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rooftop Films and Kickstarter : TONIGHT

The non-profit screening group Rooftop Films will be hosting a film festival with the web based project funding group Kickstarter. The films screened this evening will be projects that were funded through Kickstarter. This is a great way to see this new wave of DIY filmmaking in action. Both Rooftop Films and Kickstarter's sites are posted in the links sections to the right of the posts.
Click HERE for the full details. Advanced tickets are sold out, so get to the show early for door seating.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beyond Selling

Advertisers have come up with clever techniques to sell products over the years. Selling a product as an idea is definitely my favorite. This approach encourages creativity when incorporating a product into an idealized lifestyle. Green living and environmental consciousness are currently the most popular ideas, selling everything from Sun Chips to Lysol. Below are two thought provoking spots from Levi's. I feel they inspire a lifestyle, but do they inspire you to buy jeans? - Eve.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fine Art Exhibition for Kubrick Lovers

I thought you film buffs out there would enjoy this exhibit.

"Copro Gallery is proud to present ‘Kubrick’, a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist Carlos Ramos. 11 years after the death of Stanley Kubrick, Ramos pays homage to the man who wrote and directed such films as A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey by transforming the galley into a retrospective space with graphic pieces celebrating the greatest and most respected filmmaker in history."

Click HERE for more information.

Happy Break and A fun video

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your break. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that the Latin Mixx Festival submissions end tomorrow, so please send in your application as soon as possible. I have a few postings for video contests that will be up shortly. In the mean time, take a look at this video on 22 important frames that will "always work". Enjoy!