Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alpha Channel Deadline and Meet your Department Chair!

Alpha Channel Deadline for Submission is Tuesday September 6 by 9pm. Submit to the Faculty Drive under the folder Alpha Channel.
The winners will be announced on the blog after the selection is final. * We will post all entries on the YouTube channel. If you do not want your submission posted, please check the box on the submission form.

Wednsday September 7th at 12:15pm in 737.
Pizza will be served to the first 15 students that arrive.
Hope to see you there! We're discussing future renovations to the TV studio and changes in the department.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Classes Closed due to Hurricane Irene

From The School President - Tad Graham-Handley
Due to the closure of mass transit in NYC tomorrow at noon, AiNYC will be closed all day Saturday, all day Sunday and Monday morning.
We will make a decision about Monday afternoon classes by 8:00 a.m. on Monday. That decision will be posted on our web-site.
In addition, we will send a text/voice message using our emergency text service and inform the community via e-mail.
From the CAGE:
Due to the approaching hurricane please be advised!
If you rented or plan to rent equipment for this weekend, understand that you will be held responsible for any damages acquired during this storm.
• Please consider your location and transportation. If you are not confident that the equipment will be protected during the storm, return the equipment or adjust your reservation.
If you have to shoot this week end DO NOT SHOOT OUTSIDE. No excuses will be tolerated if equipment comes back soaked or damaged.
• Please note the cage will be closed: Saturday at 12pm through Monday until 12pm. Return checked out equipment at 12:30pm.
• Keep an eye on your e-mail! If the school is closed on Monday, so are we.
Be Responsible
Because you will be HELD Responsible. Thank you for your attention.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reprise: The Great Camera Shootout!

For those of you interested in Cinematography, this is a MUST SEE. I reported on this web series in April of 2010. This series was just recognized by the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) by receiving an Emmy for the series. Please click on the link below for the original post and content.

Great Camera Shootout! Zacuto

Monday, August 22, 2011

Student Highlights: Anthony Leslie

Student and Tutor Anthony Leslie has sent me a copy of his reel. Anthony has focused on cinematography. Notice the shots that he's chosen and the order they are in. This demo reel is successful because it give the audience an idea of Anthony as an artist and filmmaker.
Please review other works by Anthony at his Vimeo channel: Anthony Leslie Work Log on, leave a comment! Begin to exchange ideas regarding other student's work.
If you are interested in sharing your work, please e-mail me, the department chair. My e-mail is on the right side of the blog. Cheers! - Eve.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Short Films: The Internet Wave of Advertising

I have written posts in the past that review a new form of advertising: Short Films. Intel and Toshiba are the latest in the short film game. They are screening a series on Youtube titled INSIDE. I've seen the first episode and I am intrigued. The series centers around a young girl who wakes up in a dilapidated bedroom. She doesn't know how she got there. All she has is her Toshiba Laptop, which she uses to communicate with the outside world.
Regardless of our opinions, advertising runs the film and broadcast industry. Lately, feature films have relied less on advertising with the success of box office sales, VOD, home video sales, and cable television. This latest trend is now going in reverse using films as the advertising, rather than advertising in a film (similar method used in the 1940's radio and 1950's TV).With a million hits and counting, I think it's working.
Below is the introduction to the Intel/Toshiba collaboration, INSIDE. Below the video are links to previous posts on the subject. Check it out! Let us know what you think. Is this a new form of filmmaking? I'll go into internet webisodes in a later post. Stay tuned! - Eve.
Parallel Lines: A new way to advertise
USA Character Short Films

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

John Woods and the AINYC Students

Milagres: Here To Stay from Johnny Woods on Vimeo.

Many congratulations to Johnny and the students who participated in creating this video for the Brooklyn based band, Milagres. Below is a list of credits and a link to FILTER magazine that featured the band and the video. Check it out!

Directed and Produced by Johnny Woods; Cinematography by Gabriel Garcia Rosa
Edited by Lauren Elizabeth Kelly and Johnny Woods; Executive Producer: Esy Casey
Puppets: Leslie Rogers; Art Dept: Amanda LaMarco, Kate Fabrizio, Phil Maniaci, Esther Ahn, and Johnny Woods; Puppeteers: Esy Casey and Johnny Woods
Live action:
Hair and Makeup: Esther Ahn; Line Producer: Magdalena Grynasz; 1st AD: Adam Spieler; 1st AC: Vernal Daniels; Gaffer: Manny Oliveira; Grip/Electric: Greg Digiacomo

Click here to see FILTER article on the Band and the Video

Registration Update FA11

Good News, Bad News.

Good: Due to popular demand, I have opened DF182 Documentary Filmmaking!
Bad: It's on Saturday Morning.

Please log onto your MyAICampus account to register for the class or see David Nash for registration.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Registration FA11

Step One: Pick up your packet from the third floor window.
Step Two: Log onto MyAICampus and schedule your classes. *
Step Three: Check in with David Nash or Eve Okupniak to make sure your class selection is correct.

* ALL VP Students have to be advised by David Nash or Eve Okupniak.
Below are the checklists for both majors. Click on the link for the PDF.

Digital Filmmaking AAS Checklist FA11
Video Production AAS Checklist FA11

- VP203 Advanced Lighting is being offered to DF students as an elective. Cinematographers should apply.
- DF students should take RS211 for their Portfolio Class, INT201 for their internship class
- Students who want to take Documentary Film as an elective, please check in with Eve Okupniak. We're starting a wait list.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Generational Film Culture

I am forwarding an article to you, that I believe most of you can feel some sort of relation. Like most of you, I study film and make films because I love films. People in the generation below me have embraced internet culture in order to relate to like minded people through social media. Some of those people blossomed and made careers with their love of film by creating film blogs. This article comes from a film blogger who briefly discusses the generational gap and how his generation appreciates film.

Film Culture in the Time of Recession

Spielberg Curriculum: Must See Films

Read a great post today on regarding a list of films titled: The Spielberg Curriculum. The list was pretty damn good and in tune with what most films schools have in their curriculum as required viewing. Below is the list as a google .doc. I love this list because it has, highlighted, the films that are available on Netflix streaming. Enjoy!
List of films claimed to be recommended by Spielberg

Monday, August 1, 2011

Graduates: Summer 2011

If you think you are graduating, please check this list. If you are NOT on this list and you think you should be, please visit with David Nash or Eve Okupniak, immediately!

Bach, David A. AS VP
Behncke, Nicholas S. AS VP
Cabral, Monica M. AS VP
Cooper, Rosetta AS VP
Dillon, Jesse D. AS VP
Giameo, Ronald J. AS VP
Harris, Cashawnna R. AS VP
Pena, Mirely M. AS VP
Rouse, Terrie N. AS VP
Schuman, David J. AS VP
Welsek, Tyler AS VP
White, Elijah J.N. AS VP
Witherspoon, Darren AS VP

Conaway, Christopher W. AS DFM