Friday, August 26, 2011

Classes Closed due to Hurricane Irene

From The School President - Tad Graham-Handley
Due to the closure of mass transit in NYC tomorrow at noon, AiNYC will be closed all day Saturday, all day Sunday and Monday morning.
We will make a decision about Monday afternoon classes by 8:00 a.m. on Monday. That decision will be posted on our web-site.
In addition, we will send a text/voice message using our emergency text service and inform the community via e-mail.
From the CAGE:
Due to the approaching hurricane please be advised!
If you rented or plan to rent equipment for this weekend, understand that you will be held responsible for any damages acquired during this storm.
• Please consider your location and transportation. If you are not confident that the equipment will be protected during the storm, return the equipment or adjust your reservation.
If you have to shoot this week end DO NOT SHOOT OUTSIDE. No excuses will be tolerated if equipment comes back soaked or damaged.
• Please note the cage will be closed: Saturday at 12pm through Monday until 12pm. Return checked out equipment at 12:30pm.
• Keep an eye on your e-mail! If the school is closed on Monday, so are we.
Be Responsible
Because you will be HELD Responsible. Thank you for your attention.

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