Monday, August 22, 2011

Student Highlights: Anthony Leslie

Student and Tutor Anthony Leslie has sent me a copy of his reel. Anthony has focused on cinematography. Notice the shots that he's chosen and the order they are in. This demo reel is successful because it give the audience an idea of Anthony as an artist and filmmaker.
Please review other works by Anthony at his Vimeo channel: Anthony Leslie Work Log on, leave a comment! Begin to exchange ideas regarding other student's work.
If you are interested in sharing your work, please e-mail me, the department chair. My e-mail is on the right side of the blog. Cheers! - Eve.


  1. thanks eve and im open to wirk with anyone

  2. Good job on the editing here Anthony, it carried the images you shot with a impressively consistent motion.

    Good Luck,

    I hope you get all the "wirk" you can handle. :)