Monday, April 29, 2013

TriBeCa Kids Access - 2013

Thank you to all of the student participants in this year's TriBeCa Film Festival!

A large production crew of students and alumni have been working with the TriBeCa Film Festival these past two weeks. Our students have been creating video segments of red carpet interviews with celeberties and members of the film industry. A special thanks to instructor Josh Hays, cage manager Fred Orozco, and alumni producers Joe Eisenstein and Terrie Rouse! Below is one of several videos our students created in a two week time period. A collection of all the videos can be found here -

This is the interview from the opening night film "Mistaken for Strangers", a documentary about the band The National.

Rooftop Films - Summer 2013 Lineup

I am assuming everyone reading this blog is enrolled or was enrolled in the DFM department. And I am assuming everyone enrolled in this program loves watching films. One of the earliest links on this blog was for Rooftop Films. For the unfamiliar - "Rooftop Films is known internationally as one of the most dynamic film festivals in the world. In 2012, we screened more than 30 feature films, almost all of which are New York, U.S. or World Premieres. We showed over 150 short films in themed programs which have received accolades for being smart, entertaining, and filled with astonishing movies." - From

Rooftop has just published their Summer 2013 series. There is a great breakdown on that I encourage you to check out - Firstshowing Rooftop Films Summer 2013. Their opening weekend is coming up! Opening night is a showcase of short films that prove to rival any festival. Check out tickets HERE - May 10 Opening Night Rooftop Films - This is what we mean by short films. This is a good opportunity to get exposure, network, and inspiration for your thesis.

Please check out the site for submission guidelines and schedules for future screenings. This is your industry. Be a part of it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crowd Funding

       I'm sure anyone reading this blog is a filmmaker and I'm sure I am not the only one with a wide array of story ideas piling up within my thoughts. The problem for us is not that we lack ideas, but that we lack the funding. I don't know too many people I can call when I need to rent a steadicam or 4k Cinema Camera for a weekend. There is an exciting alternative solution to finding a producer (who can use their money as leverage to alter the story you intend to make.) Crowd Funding is becoming the best way for amateur filmmakers to produce their films.

Crowd Funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money in support of a singular cause. Kickstarter is crowd funding for
more specific projects: films, games, art, and much more. If you have a good idea and can pitch it to the masses, you have a good opportunity to make some money with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter has shown success recently through the Academy Awards. Inocente won the 2013 Oscar for Best Documentary Short and it is the first Kickstarter backed film to win an award. Recently, the Veronica Mars TV Show raised its goal, 2 million dollars, in just 11 hours, in order to produce a film for the cancelled show.

Zack Braff has enter the Kickstarter world and is trying to fund his next film, Wish I Was Here. He has resorted to crowd funding in order to keep creative control of his film. He hopes to raise 2 million dollars in 30 days. Check it out:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The greedy Rat at Disney causes AMC and REGAL to halt sales on IRON MAN 3 Tickets!

Image from:

So in case you haven't heard, Disney, in what is in my opinion a straight mob move... Has switched up their agreement with Regal Cinemas and AMC, asking for MORE money from ticket sales. Now lets just think about the monopoly that Disney is creating... They bought out Marvel Studios...They bought out Industrial Light and Magic and SHUT IT DOWN... They bought the rights for Star Wars and are now planning on destroying it...They own the Muppets.... And now because they spent all their money buying stuff, they are trying to make it up by cheating the theaters out on ticket sales because they know or suspect that Iron Man 3 is going to hit it big at the Box office! This is too much to handle! We shouldn't let the Corporate Rat steal all the cheese for itself! Read more about how if you've already bought advanced tickets... You might be screwed because Regal and AMC are now in a dispute over this situation...

Unker and Physia : A Review

Unker and Physia, web series by alumni Philip Maniaci and Jessica Howell, is an elongated love letter to all that is absurd and fun. The two main characters wander through the city, finding excitement in little moments that would be overlooked in busier lives. At first, my inner film professor tried to break out and ask deep questions, "Who are they?" "How do the know each other?" "What is their IQ?" Then I realized the greatness of the series. None of those answers matter.

Depression kicks in easily for me these days when I open my internet browser, bombarded by political rants, news of gun violence and suicide bombers. Phil and Jessica have created a reality outside of the complications. Laughter is barely contained between Unker's hair ninja and Physia's banana murals. For a moment, I forget myself and become transported into a world where weird days bring shirtless men and Chinese fingertraps. This is escapism at its best.

I don't know where Unker and Physia are going on their next adventure. And I don't want to know. I'm happy to be surprised. Take a trip into a nameless bizarro city to hang out with Unker and Physia for a few minutes. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Public Online Auction!!!!


The Production People, Inc. has been appointed by
Tamberelli Digital, NYC, NY to conduct its
Online Inventory Liquidation Sale
Joseph Finn Co., Inc. will serve as Auctioneer. 




306 West 38th St.
(Between 8th& 9th Ave.)
New York, New York

Sales #1 & #2 Open Friday, April 19th at 9 A.M. EST
Sale #1:Bidding Closes Tues., April 23rd Starting at 9AM EST
Sale #2:Bidding Closes Wed., April 24th Starting at 9AM EST

Inspection: Mon., April 22nd, 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. or by appointment.
For appointments
Contact Nick Liatsis or Norma Mateo at 845-201-8063

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TFF Update - Room 229

Short Program at TriBeCa Film Festival

The best way to prepare for your thesis is to be inspired by successful shorts that are screening at the
TriBeCa Film Festival! Click on the link below to see the entire shorts program and to buy tickets!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Place Beyond The Pines - Review ★★★☆

     The seemingly long drought of good movies, post-Oscars, has officially ended, thanks to Director, Derek Cianfrance. After the success of 2010's Blue Valentine (an honest take on the consequences of marrying for love), Cianfrance dives into a new facet of domestic livelihood.

    The Place Beyond the Pines is a thrill ride of recklessness, fatherhood, and the desperation of men to salvage a legacy worth remembering. Ryan Gosling reunites with Cianfrance to play Luke, a wild boy, who quits his job as a motorcycle stunt rider when he finds out about a baby boy he never knew he had with Romina (Eva Mendes). Luke finds a more profitable outlet for riding bikes: robbing banks, in hopes that the income will somehow offer him a clean slate in terms of his son's image of him. Luke's ambition catches up to him when he attempts two robberies in one day. After an epic chase, the story transitions to Avery (Bradley Cooper), who starts out as a beloved, hero cop recovering from a gunshot wound.

     Avery tries to take control of his destiny while being pushed in different directions; from his peers, who are dirty cops, his politically determining father, and his anxious wife and their one-year-
old son. Eventually, he succumbs to the pressure and becomes a blackmailing, self-loathing politician.

   After a fifteen-year jump, we venture through the consequences of both Luke and Avery's present turned past. Avery takes in his son, AJ (Emory Cohen), from his now ex-wife, for his last year of high school. It is here that AJ befriends Jason (Dane DeHaan), unknowingly the son of Luke. The boys, outcasts, get in trouble with the law and, soon after, revelations of their fathers' past come to light.

  Cianfrance makes a brilliant point of highlighting the way men selfishly attempt to reshape their legacy through their sons. Luke resorts to crime and violence in order to present himself as a father to be proud of, but when the inevitable tarnish on that image becomes clear, he removes himself completely from his son's world. Avery's father took advantage of his son's desire to please; in response, Avery neglects his son from infancy to avoid making mistakes and passing the unpleasant relationship he had with his father onto his son.

  The Place Beyond the Pines has its climax so early on that the film begins to drag in what feels like an hour and a half long third act. Also, the film is lacking in the development of Romina. She is a character that is essential to each of the men's progression, but, instead of creating a new layer to this male driven story, she serves as no more than a plot point without personality outside of a damsel constantly in distress.

This film has gotten very mixed reviews, but the short list of flaws in Pines is outweighed by its excellence. "If you ride like lighting, you're going to crash like thunder," and that's exactly what happens in The Place Beyond the Pines.
★ ★ ★

Manhattan Edit Workshop

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT)
Manhattan Edit Workshop
80 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1501
New York, NY 10011

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  Manhattan Edit Workshop, the authorized digital training destination, in cooperation with ASSIMILATE, INC., will present a FREE demo on the most comprehensive production dailies tool for digital workflows, SCRATCH Lab: Unleashing the Power of...
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Manhattan Edit Workshop

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Accepting articles, reviews, and videos

Welcome Back! I have decided to amp up our presence on the interwebs. After talking with a majority of students, I realized there are many powerful thoughts about the department, your life, and the film industry. I would like to give all DFM students a platform to share those ideas and your projects. This is a publication and could be considered for a professional portfolio! Send in your video and we'll write a review! You can include the review when you send your film out for festival submissions!

Please send anything you would like to submit to the site at
Include the following: Name, ID#, and materials you wish to contribute. We will respond within 2-3 days.

Thanks! and Good Luck! Take advantage!