Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The greedy Rat at Disney causes AMC and REGAL to halt sales on IRON MAN 3 Tickets!

Image from: http://macmcrae.com

So in case you haven't heard, Disney, in what is in my opinion a straight mob move... Has switched up their agreement with Regal Cinemas and AMC, asking for MORE money from ticket sales. Now lets just think about the monopoly that Disney is creating... They bought out Marvel Studios...They bought out Industrial Light and Magic and SHUT IT DOWN... They bought the rights for Star Wars and are now planning on destroying it...They own the Muppets.... And now because they spent all their money buying stuff, they are trying to make it up by cheating the theaters out on ticket sales because they know or suspect that Iron Man 3 is going to hit it big at the Box office! This is too much to handle! We shouldn't let the Corporate Rat steal all the cheese for itself! Read more about how if you've already bought advanced tickets... You might be screwed because Regal and AMC are now in a dispute over this situation...

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  1. Love the picture. Disney needs to really chill out with this crap.