Monday, April 29, 2013

Rooftop Films - Summer 2013 Lineup

I am assuming everyone reading this blog is enrolled or was enrolled in the DFM department. And I am assuming everyone enrolled in this program loves watching films. One of the earliest links on this blog was for Rooftop Films. For the unfamiliar - "Rooftop Films is known internationally as one of the most dynamic film festivals in the world. In 2012, we screened more than 30 feature films, almost all of which are New York, U.S. or World Premieres. We showed over 150 short films in themed programs which have received accolades for being smart, entertaining, and filled with astonishing movies." - From

Rooftop has just published their Summer 2013 series. There is a great breakdown on that I encourage you to check out - Firstshowing Rooftop Films Summer 2013. Their opening weekend is coming up! Opening night is a showcase of short films that prove to rival any festival. Check out tickets HERE - May 10 Opening Night Rooftop Films - This is what we mean by short films. This is a good opportunity to get exposure, network, and inspiration for your thesis.

Please check out the site for submission guidelines and schedules for future screenings. This is your industry. Be a part of it!


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