Monday, June 18, 2012

Digital Bolex, Black Magic, Alexa, Oh My!

With all the different kinds of Professional Camera's in the market its a wonder why there isn't a class strictly based on buying a camera. With all the different functions, lenses and other bells and whistle that these camera's come with these days, its just a good idea to be well rounded and get the basics of what a camera does. This is why we at the Art institute use these 3 cameras:


These are professional cameras being used in the industry today and they exhibit the foundation for all higher standards of Digital Filming camera's. By understanding and learning the basics of these camera's you can easily move up to something like the Alexa, BlackMagic, RED, or digitial bolex. Everyone needs to start with the basics and with all the different camera's out there you need to know what your doing before you go out and use a multi-thousand dollar camera to make your big Hollywood movie.

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  1. Idiotic... DVX is not even a camera... DVX100 is, so is HVX200 instead of HVX... unless you use AF cameras?