Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Film Festivals Obsolete?

Jason Moore's Professional Practice in the Film Industry covers online distribution and festival exposure. This class is the stepping stone for students to apply their school experience to the real world. A best practice for you is to be consistently aware of the industry from the moment you begin school. It is smart for all of you (regardless of your quarter) to follow up on important discussions happening in film distribution and creation. An article posted on the blog, Sub Genre, discusses how filmmakers are making smarter business decisions by making their content available online and utilizing crowd-sourcing in order create more work. This concept raises interesting questions. While it's a great model to get started, how does the future look when filmmakers need to sustain income for mortgages and children? Participate in the conversation! Do some research. Be involved in your career.


Here are two film companies who are thriving off of the social media model. Check out how they do it!

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