Friday, June 1, 2012

Professional Student Guide

Hello Everybody,

It has been some time since I've last posted anything on the blog (mostly because I'm really not much of a blogger) but I think after spending time as a student of Ai and meeting different students while working at the CAGE I've thought of some topics that may be helpful to addressed. Therefore, with the help of some faculty members I will be posting short Essay's on how to be a "Professional Student" and what you can do to both get good grades and maintain a good reputation on campus. These post are open for debate and are meant to give a type of guidance to students who need a way to put college life into perspective. Maybe there are those of you out there who agree or disagree and we welcome positive criticism so long as the main goal is to help students adjust to college life. Thank you.  - Freddie@TheCage

PSG 101
Entitlement – Part 1
As a new student to any school you should not feel entitled to anything. Entitlement is a tricky issue when dealing with various assets of the college experience. Reputation is everything in the filmmaking industry. Retaining the reputation of being “entitled” labels someone as being difficult to work with and unreliable. In dealing with the cage and staff, students should be aware that they are investing in the expertise of their instructors. That expertise must be respected at all times. Yes, there are many frustrations and limitations working within an academic environment. However, that should not overcome everyone’s responsibility in respecting each other’s role in academia. A false sense of entitlement puts students in danger of setting off on the wrong path while they are in school. Schools and institutions can only supply what they can afford, just like you can only afford what gets you by. For example, most students have jobs that they get paid for and they use this money to pay for things like:

Utilities – Electricity, Gas, Water etc.
Rent – which can be $500 and up
Credit cards
Car Payments or (transportation to and from work)

I am sure many students can relate to the items above and you may even have more expenses to add to that list. Well a School or Institution is a business and believe it or not businesses also have to pay for things like:

Utilities – Electricity, Gas, Water etc.
Rent – which can be $10 Grand and up
Employees – (could be you)
Equipment – Computers, office supplies, other work related items
Transportation for some employees

Walking into any school assuming that the institution can provide every student with thousands of dollars of equipment is a one-way trip to disappointment. Every institution’s priority is a student’s success in their field. Even professionals have to problem solve their way through budgets and limits. Students should embrace the assets and instruction they receive humbly. It may save their career someday:)

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