Monday, July 19, 2010

AINYC and the Honey Bee Conservancy

The department is teaming up with non - profit organizations in order to bring the professional experience to the classroom. This past quarter students from Jason Moore and Susi Graf's classes worked with the Honey Bee Conservancy and the NY Pops. Guillermo Fernandez, director of the Honey Bee Conservancy, recently got in touch with me to show how the classwork of the students was used in the real world. Below is one of three PSA's produced by Jason Moore's class. If you want to see all three, below are the links to the Honey Bee's Vimeo and YouTube channels. Congratulations to both Jason and Susi's classes for contributing this past quarter! - Eve. *Credits for these three spots are as follows:
"Imagine PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Justin Combs
"Worker Bees PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Daniel Gonzalez
"We Need to Talk PSA"
Written, directed, edited by Jennifer Hahn

Join the Bee Movement from thehoneybeeconservancy on Vimeo.

*Credits courtesy of Jennifer Hahn

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