Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SHORTS! Hilarious and SciFi!

Guys, once again, making shorts gets you work!!!! The filmmaker, Geoff LaTuilippe, was offered a writing and directing deal with Paramount because of this film and the attention it got from the Hollywood Reporter. Here is the link that explains the deal -

This science fiction short by Aaron Sims has been getting lots of buzz on the internet. The filmmaker made this film with favors and friends. He hopes to get enough recognition for someone to fund the feature.

Take the bull by the horns and make amazing work while your here! It will lead to bigger and better things.
Cheers, Eve.


  1. Fantastic!! The only thing more fun than watching this video was flaming the haters who didn't like it on YouTube. We all have to have hobbies.

  2. The sci-fi one may be the best re-boot concept on robo-cop EVER! I already want the feature.

  3. I wanna be able to have the skills to create something as Amazing as "Archetype" ; Im waiting to see the Feature now. The other was funny; That's my guy from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" he's Hilarious.