Friday, February 3, 2012

Registration for SP12 Begins on MONDAY!

1. Log onto
2. Print out DF class grid. Cross off what you have taken. Circle what you need to take.Click HERE - DF Class Grid
3. Once you have decided on your classes, check the SP12 schedule to see when the classes are being offered. Click HERE - SP12 Schedule
4. Choose your classes. Don't forget your general education courses!
5. Check in with your Department Chair, Eve Okupniak, on the second floor to make sure your schedule is accurate. This will only take a few seconds.

* If you are a first quarter student, or you are not familiar with MyAICampus, please see an advisor for help. Megan Coxen is located next to the cage, Paul Henkel and Gene Tolan are located on the 6th floor by the back elevators. 

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