Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IFC Center This Quarter

Holy Cow! IFC has a fantastic line up for the next three months! http://www.ifccenter.com/
Cult Carpenter - http://www.ifccenter.com/series/waverly-midnights/cult-carpenter/
- For those of you who love cult and horror films, you must know about John Carpenter! The amazing director, editor, and composer has created some of the most memorable films of the 20th century! I'll be at the Thing screening!
Stranger than Fiction - http://www.ifccenter.com/series/stranger-than-fiction/stf-winter-2012/
- Documentaries are making a significant strides with the immediacy of cheap, fast technology. This continuous series at IFC is memorable and worth your time.
Kill List - http://www.ifccenter.com/films/kill-list/
- This film has been on every top ten list I subscribe to for this year. Now, it's getting a formal release in the states. Check it out!
- Academy Nominated Short Film Screening - http://www.shortsinternational.com/
IFC will be hosting screenings of the 2012 Oscar Nominated Shorts in Feb. I'll be posting a DFM field trip when the date approaches.
Enjoy! and go to the movies!

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