Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tech Nerdery: OWLE - Lens Mount for iPhone 4

For those of you who are interestested in tech gagetry, here is a post for you. I just read an article that Korean Filmmaker Park Chan-Wook has just created a short 30 minute film using iPhone as his camera. He had help with this gizmo that's presented above. For more about the "iPhone Film", check out the /film post
After reading about this film, I went to OWLE's site. http://www.wantowle.com/ This gadget is the perfect accessory for any practicing filmmaker to carry around in their purse or backpack to shoot random things and practice editing, cinematography, location scouting or shooting rehearsals, behind the scenes, or even a full film to digitally distribute. Check it out and explore the possibilities! - Eve.

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