Thursday, March 18, 2010

A review for Alpha Channel

I wanted to thank everyone who screened last night.
Also to those who didn't screen. Please keep submitting! The big one is in two quarters!

The work shown in this quarter's Alpha Channel was amazing. I am using amazing for it's literal definition, "causing great surprise or sudden wonder". Some bachelor level institutions do not deliver a program with as much poetry, humor and sense of human consciousness. In all honesty, most student programs are hit or miss with their audience. People will clap because they have a relationship with the filmmaker or polite society says that is what you have to do. Everyone honored the films tonight because people connected with the stories, in one way or another. My mother always said to me, "Consider your audience." These films covered a variety of emotions and topics. There was something for everyone.

You know you are a successful filmmaker when people react to what is being screened. There were chuckles in the audience for One of Those Days, Your Death My Life, and Karma. I heard gasps when Night and Day, Deep Satisfaction, Creole, and Tied Up, Change were on the screen. Not a breath was taken during A Long Way to Fall and I Love You Cheat Liar. Many "oh's" and "ah's" were whispered during Out of Time and Circles. This is why I love watching movies with people. The experience is so much more rewarding than in a tiny box surrounded by an obnoxious interface on a computer screen.

Sure, the techniques were not perfect. There were editing mistakes, sound issues, and lighting errors. However, the stories were compelling enough to forgive minor blips in craft. That is what made this screening a success. This series, in my opinion, was a calling card for a talented group of future career filmmakers.

Congratulations to Ace, Jenny, Adam, Dave, Jennifer, Ronald, Niqua, Nikhil, Derrick, Kelly, and Kristina. Special thanks to Susi, Francisco, Ross, and Roz for attending the event. More props to the President and the Dean for their support! And to every person in that audience, much gratitude.

Everyone, Keep submitting! I am anxious to see work from more students.
Cheers, Eve.


  1. Is it possible to list all the youtube/vimeo links with the short films on this blog in one post so people who could not attend can still watch them?

    -Paul Meyer

  2. We are working on contacting the artists for links to their work. Stay tuned! I'll let you know.
    Cheers, Eve.

  3. How do I submit a film into this? I have a link to the video that I would want to submit, so if there is a screening process maybe that will suffice. Thanks.