Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crowdfunding Exploitation

It looks like Ron Howard & Brian Grazer are jumping on the Crowd Funding bandwagon. These two wealthy, well-known television producers are hoping to continue the Friday Night Lights storyline in a film, but with the help of the fans, of course. They will be asking fans to fund (produce) this film and in exchange they will allow fans to pay and watch this film? Genius.

This fan exploitation is dangerous and began with Zach Braff, not Veronica Mars, which was funded by fans because, without the fans, it would not be made. Braff's film, Wish I Was Here, which gained $2 million through Kickstarter, could have easily been funded by a studio or by Braff and his wealthy friends. But, instead, he chose to ask his less affluent, but loyal, fan base for money, because it's easier that way.

Watch both of these videos and form your own opinion:



  2. I think they saw our Alpha Channel intro from a few quarters ago!

  3. Maybe you guys wouldn't mind doing a post for an AI alumni? Someone who really needs support.

    That would be a huge help.