Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adobe Creative Suite : Announcement! *Update

As some of you may heard, Adobe is no longer supporting the CS programs as stand alone software. They are moving their creative suite to a cloud based operating system. This is an important announcement for your since we are moving away from FCP 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro as our primary editing software.

Here is what this means for you:
Good News - You will have total access to all Adobe products (including web, design, and video editing) for a low, monthly subscription.
Bad News - It will be close to impossible to pirate or use illegally. * I know this last one is technically not bad news, however I am not an idiot either.

Here is a link forwarded by Alumni Adam Spieler - - "The Creative Cloud name initially confused a number of people as a cloud service often implies doing work through the web. Adobe Creative Cloud is not a set of webapps. Creative Cloud provides the same suite of applications Adobe always offered for the desktop, but along with a number of bonus cloud services like only file storage for easy sharing and . The desktop applications do not live in the cloud. You install them like you've always installed them. That said, they need to connect to the internet once a month to verify your membership."

Adobe has a great offer - student memberships for $19.99 a month until June 25th. 

Explore the links below to get information from Adobe and a link to the discounted membership.
Press Release from Adobe -
Link for the Student Plan -


  1. this has a pretty good break down on how it will work.

  2. I updated the post for you. Thanks, Adam!!!!

  3. I could go both ways with this. $50 a month is cheeper than spending $2200 at once. I'm not sold on this because I still have some questions that still have to be answered. 1.) Is it $50 per computer or $50 per account. 2.) Do I have to be connected to the internet when I use the software. I have an off line computer and I dont want it touching the internet. 3.) WIll this new software work on Linux. 4.) Can i still use a render farm.

    Till I know they can answer my questions, I'm going to stay with CS6 till my freelance career demands me to upgrade.

    1. Answers to your questions -
      1) Per account. Can use a certain amount of computers.
      2) No, you do not need a connection to the internet. You need to validate your membership once a month.
      3) They did not list Linux, however most post houses use Linux. I'm sure there is a version on their site.
      4) You can use 3rd party software as a render farm. They are listed on Adobe's site.

      I agree with your sentiment to use CS6 until forced out. That's what we did with FCP 7. However, since our production workflow is integrated into the Adobe family, upgrading will be forced much sooner.