Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Discussion : 2D, 3D or 4D?

Just when you thought 2D wasn't enough. . .

Hollywood began experimenting with the 3D format in the mid 1950's with the famous red and blue glasses. The gimmick was used exactly how it is used today, a tactic by theaters to continuously bring an audience out to the movies. This was in response to the dawn of television. Theaters were afraid that audience participation would dwindle since people no longer had to go out to see movies. Other gimmicks during this time are as follows - CinemaScope, Smell O Vision, Tingler, Illusion O - Theses processes would site the movie going experience be far superior if experienced in a theater.  

Now, South Korea is pushing the next gimmick to bring audiences back to movie theaters. 4D! 4D is simply a combination of Smell O Vision, Tingler, and 3D. This is not a new phenomenon considering the technology is fifty years old and Universal Studios, Disney Parks have had theaters like this since the 1980s. The only significant difference is that where this technology was exclusive to theme parks, it may now be available in a theater near you. 

Critics for this process are divided into two camps - movie lovers and casual viewers. Blog critics and self proclaimed cinephiles flock to theaters, not with gimmicks, but with strict cinema rules - no texting, talking, or general disruption. Generally, all other casual viewers look at the theater experience as an expense not worth their money, considering they can get the same experience with cable television. When a gimmick is introduced, casual viewers are interested in experiencing the next best thing. Multi million dollar budget films rely on this population to make their production budget back.  

I'm curious to see what you guys think. Below is an article from the LA Times that reviews the efforts made in South Korea. Is it worth the price of admission? Leave a comment.,0,642655.story

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  1. Ugh, The reason why 4D might go to regular theaters because the big theater companies (AMC, Regal) can't adjust to the times. The theater system is failing because they keep over charging on movie tickets and food. Plus add in the factor of internet streaming and Netflix. The music industry when adjusted and finally gave in with the internet. But the film and theater industry still wont adjust to the changing times. Plus with 4D moving seats and things getting sprayed in my face wont work well if I'm eating a hot plate of nachos.