Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Using Effective Team Communication

Communication is one of the most critical elements to the success of any team project. Whether you have three members or thirteen, information needs to be gathered and disseminated to members accurately and timely. In our globalized, technology-focused society, organizations are adapting to the change in times and redefining how communication takes place. International organizations must find ways to connect with each other from miles away. If the headquarters is in Texas and smaller chains exist in France, how else could project coordinators, managers, developers and designers communicate across countries without technology?
Smaller, local teams can benefit from applying this principle for their own projects. Technology can create ease with communication and sharing information. Here are a few free options you can use:

1.      Skype: Skype is a simultaneous chat messenger, video software and Internet phone. You can connect online and host digital face-to-face meetings or block out the visual and hold a conversation on the computer. Site: www.skype.com

2.       Free Conference Calling: Teams can benefit from this service by taking advantage of its phone options. Creating an account is free and the host receives a number. Give the number and guest code to visitors and you can have hundreds of people call in to the meeting. This system is great for teams large and small in scale. Site: www.freeconferencecalling.com

3.       Slideshare: Slide Share is becoming the Facebook of PowerPoint presentations. Team members can create PowerPoints, upload them on to the site and allow for other members to view them and provide feedback. Site: www.slideshare.net

4.      Facebook: Already a well-known technology, teams can use the social site to create an open or closed group that focuses on the project. Facebook’s prime benefit for teams is its immediacy; you can set up your account to buzz your phone or remain synced. When your team posts, you can know almost immediately. Site: www.facebook.com

Trent Rhodes
Student Employment Advisor

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