Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cloud Editing


Hey Guys this is Dan.

Google just came out with another new service called Google Drive. Google Drive is a service on the Internet that allows you to put any computer file on an online server. The service allows you to access your files on any computer. It’s almost like DropBox. Now, Google added a few extra things that allow you run software on the browser. A Video Editing software company WeVideo is a cloud base software that is using Google's technology. They came up a way that you can edit your film by using your video files on the Internet. All your videos files are stored on the Internet in Google Drive. Well your wondering why I’m bringing this topic up. Well, we could see the near future that we don’t have use external drives to edit your films.  WeVideo sounds like a great product and it's free. Yes a free editing software. But there are problems with the software. They only offer the free software as a basic level with 1 GB of storage, 360p resolution, and your limited to a 15-minute export per month. You can upgrade your WeVideo account to the commercial level. But you’re still limited. You only get 100 GB of storage, 720p HD resolution, and 300 export minutes per month. Oh yes, the commercial level is $79.99 a month. It’s not really worth it to spend your money to replace your Final Cut Pro or Avid. Plus we don’t have the Internet bandwidth to handle that much data. Lastly, you also have a risk of some one hacking into your account and steeling your footage. We could see Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe using a cloud-based system in a few years from now. This technology could replace your hard drives, and you don’t have to worry about it crashing. Lastly, another feature that is interesting with Cloud-Based editing is “Live Stream Editing.” This feature allows you to edit in one pace, wile your director or producer is in another city. Its almost like Skype. For example, you can edit in New York City, as your Director is looking at the cuts in London. Its like the director is sitting in the cutting room with you.

Check out the video below and see what you think about this technology

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