Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Room or "This guy would have failed if he showed this in thesis class"

From user review from IMDB - "Imagine a two-hour episode of "Red Shoe Diaries" written and directed by Balki from "Perfect Strangers". Trust me, this is the worst movie you will ever see ever in your entire life. Ever. But is it pathetically awful or sadistically hilarious?" I cannot believe this got money.

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  1. I still think should be used to teach young film makers what not to do, while simultaneously making them howl with laughter. The interviews with the creator of the film and his whole "Process of film-making," are classic. I laughed especially when he explained to some late night public access show that does drunken movie reviews about producing it. They asked why it took him 4 years to make the movie, " Well , staffing is an issue, I have had 5 or 6 editors and as they leave school or get jobs they have to be replaced." Bwhaahah!

    As far as this film goes, I would rather watch FOX news.

    Wow, it looks like they either synced the audio wrong, or they did a one take VO Session with different actors. Ha! It is the later one, their is no environmental audio to speak of, just two guys talking, and their audio editor seems to have clipped their vo actors tracks right at the end of each line.

    I think just about every mainstream editor has said in one way or another "Its ok if the footage sucks, as long as the sound is good."