Friday, October 30, 2009

WI10 Registration!

Reminder that midterm is registration time!
Starting on Monday, go see your adviser David Nash. He'll give you your audit and information about registering online. David's office is located on the 5th floor.
If you have any questions or concerns, David can be reached at

LGBTI Needs Filmmakers

"The Battered Lesbian Task Force of NY Coalition for Battered Women is soliciting proposals from a videographer/filmmaker to work with on the development of an educational film on domestic violence in the LGBTI community.

Please submit your concept for a film to educate domestic violence advocates, the LGBTI community and our mutual allies.
Reply by December 14th 2009
Include experience and other work you've done, and a short sample of your work to :"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Workshop on Pitching for Film and TV

"Got A Great Movie Or TV Idea? This class is designed for those seeking to break through to the next level. Acclaimed producer/director Robert Townsend will discuss his technique for pitching ideas: from concept to development, through the various stages of rewrites, pitching to executives at studios, and give advice on how to close the deal with clarity, precision and confidence. Townsend will listen to pitches from class attendees and help critique, refine and further develop those presented in the session. One lucky attendee will be handpicked to get his or her idea fully developed with Townsend, and then go on to pitch it to a Hollywood studio. Over the years, Robert Townsend has created a unique and diverse body of work covering variou genres, with comedies like, "Hollywood Shuffle", musicals like "The Five Heartbeats", fantasy comedies like "The Meteor Man", sit-coms like "The Parenthood", and epic dramas like "10,000 Black Men Named George". Currently, Mr. Townsend is busy at work with seven projects in various stages of development and completion."
Click HERE for additional information and ticket prices.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Demo Reel Examples: Director

I hear this too often . . .
So, you want to be an actor/cinematographer/editor/screenwriter/director? Did you know that's like saying, "I want to be a driver/machinist/mechanic/designer/CEO"? Common misconception is that the director can do several things at once. As filmmakers, you need to understand that each position has it's own unique set of attributes that is difficult enough for one person to master. Without master cinematographers, actors, production designers, costumers, etc., the director is nothing. Being a director does not mean that you micro-manage everything on set. The director has their own unique job; to control the artistic direction of the film/video/commercial. This means the director needs to communicate with an actor to get a performance; with a production designer to execute a landscape, with a DP to create a mood, etc. A competent director surrounds themselves with a talented crew that they trust. Communication is the key. Delegation is the secret. The director is the conductor of the symphony, not the pianist/trumpeter/violist/conductor.
Begin your research by checking out a few site links. Here are some examples of directors who have done both film and commercial work:
John Hillcoat Samples
Michel Gondry Samples
David Fincher Sample
To get an idea of their film work, do a search on

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Demo Reel Examples: Cinematography

I wanted to begin posting examples of professional work to get you guys thinking about your lives outside of school. This will be a series of examples I want you, the student, to examine and consider when making your own films.
Here is an adequate example of a DP reel from a working cinematographer.
If cinematography is your forte, pay attention to the following attributes while watching this reel: use of color, framing, gray scale value, action (of characters, space, and the camera itself), speed of the shot. This small checklist is an example of several characteristics that a good DP has to take into consideration when framing shots.

2009 Director of Photograghy Reel from Real Sprague on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learning from the Music Industry

Tribeca Film has a great article on their site discussing how the independent film industry is taking a cue from the music business. According to Chris Dorr's article, the days of the distribution industry are over. This digital consultant predicts that artists can make more profit from their work by marketing themselves through various social networks and self-distribution online. Take a look at to see his full article.
Do you agree with Chris Dorr? Do you think that the distribution industry has it's place along side of the dinosaur?
Comment on this post to let me know what you think.
- Eve.

Welcome Students!

Hello Video Production Students! I am your new director, Eve Okupniak. In my experience, I will not see the majority of you until you are in one of three categories: 1. being recognized for an achievement 2. being recognized for a serious issue 3. graduation. Input and participation in your education at AI is very important to me and the success of the department. The purpose of this blog is to keep the conversation going while you are in school and after school. My job will be to consistantly add information regarding the school and industry. I ask that you contribue your comments, suggestions, and send me links that you feel would help your peers.

My e-mail is

Thank you for participation!