Thursday, October 29, 2009

Workshop on Pitching for Film and TV

"Got A Great Movie Or TV Idea? This class is designed for those seeking to break through to the next level. Acclaimed producer/director Robert Townsend will discuss his technique for pitching ideas: from concept to development, through the various stages of rewrites, pitching to executives at studios, and give advice on how to close the deal with clarity, precision and confidence. Townsend will listen to pitches from class attendees and help critique, refine and further develop those presented in the session. One lucky attendee will be handpicked to get his or her idea fully developed with Townsend, and then go on to pitch it to a Hollywood studio. Over the years, Robert Townsend has created a unique and diverse body of work covering variou genres, with comedies like, "Hollywood Shuffle", musicals like "The Five Heartbeats", fantasy comedies like "The Meteor Man", sit-coms like "The Parenthood", and epic dramas like "10,000 Black Men Named George". Currently, Mr. Townsend is busy at work with seven projects in various stages of development and completion."
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