Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kickstarter Success: Game Changer for Big Studios?

Yesterday morning, Rob Thomas started a KickStarter campaign for a feature film version of "Veronica Mars", the cult, detective-noir TV show he created. After a few hours, fans raised an astounding $2 million dollars.

For many of us who launch similar campaigns on KickStarter or IndieGoGo for our own projects, we may view this as a positive thing as far as what can be achieved with these fund-raising campaigns. However, an article on First Showing makes note of what this can mean for big-time studios. Considering Veronica Mars is not your typical small, independent project (Mars is under Warner Brothers), there is concern that big-time studios might see this as an opportunity to let fans finance projects rather than shell out the money themselves. Although it might be too early to tell whether this will become a trend, studios will definitely be paying close attention.

What do you think about this? Do you think projects backed up by big studios and/or famous people should be allowed to use the same platform as smaller independent projects like Kickstarter? Or do you think this is a win-win situation for all?

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  1. I honestly think it will be harder because the studios will use this as way to finance their personal project, rather than an individual artists ideas. Also its just as hard to get strangers to finance artists because whats the chances of our project being successful? I think they're looking for the usual mashup of blockbusters...but its a win win situation at this point. Hopefully though it will help a lot of artists though