Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stock Footage

Some of you may be familiar with stock footage and it's beneficial uses. Stock footage can be an amazing tool when working under a tight budget, as it is sometimes less expensive than shooting new material. Examples of stock footage are moving shots of cities and landmarks, wildlife, and shots of people in various settings. Many websites offer direct downloads of clips in various formats, both compressed and uncompressed, and under two categories; rights-managed and royalty-free.

There are also opportunities to make some money by selling your stock footage. This is especially true for cinematographers who may have a lot of footage sitting in a drive somewhere. For more information on how to sell your stock footage and on how to use some, click below:

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  1. This is inspiring! My brother is a photographer and will love this. He's been looking to get into stock footage, and this has some great information. Thanks!

    Amy Sender |