Friday, November 16, 2012

Thoughts about NYC from a Film Blogger

Editor of, Alex Billington, has published a refreshing love letter to the city we live in. Often, I hear of students who want to switch coasts in order to pursue their film career. The decision to work in the film industry is a personal one, whether we believe it or not. Long hours, freelance work, and tight deadlines force us to make life decisions that would be unheard of in most other professions. The experience of living in LA for three years professed that type of lifestyle (and the way they do business) was not for me. LA is car commuting city and I hate driving. The two sided nature of producers and studio executives hindered my growth as a filmmaker. As counter point, I still have several friends at Dreamworks and ILM who enjoy the abundance of networking opportunities with the saturated film business around them. Even our own instructor, Johnny Woods, has defected to the left coast and is doing fine. Both NY and LA are not for everyone, but I have to give props to those who love the city who will drive by in a cab on a rainy day and flip you off at the same time. I <3 br="br" nyc="nyc">

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