Thursday, September 13, 2012

Enter Your Short Film to Shorts Showcase!

Here's a chance for your short film to play on PBS!

Shorts Showcase is broadcasted on PBS into 18 million homes in Southern California. The show offers student filmmakers a venue to be seen by other film enthusiasts, producers, directors, etc. Their website, is known throughout the industry as the "24/7 Film Festival". A new short will be shown every week on PBS and daily at The film that gets the most votes each month wins a prize and the top films of the year will be screened at their Awards Ceremony in April 20143. The submission deadline is September 30th.

Here is an interview with the Polish Brothers - a must-see for any filmmaker and s sampling of their benefits Shorts Showcase has to offer you:

Don't miss up on this! Fill out a submission form here.

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