Thursday, August 23, 2012

PA Position Available!

AWOL Logline: Days before her deployment to Afghanistan, Joey, 19, returns to rural Pennsylvania for Christmas with plans to go AWOL with her married older lover Rayna.
Writer/Director: Deb Shoval Producer: Jessica Caldwell

SAG Ultra-low budget feature filming in Northeast Pennsylvania seeks on-set production assistants and interns. Must be able to drive, and if you are willing to bring your own car that would be even better! No pay. Credit only. We will provide food, hotel, and reimburse for gas/mileage. This feature is based on an award-winning 2011 Sundance Film Festival short film. We are a group of talented young professional cast/crew from NYC. This is a great credit and networking experience. It will be hard work but lots of fun! 

Shooting Dates September 4-14th (Shoot part 1 – Summer Portion) December 1-14th (Shoot part 2 – Winter Portion)

 It’s totally fine if you are only available for one of the two shoots, but we’d love to have you for both! Producer Contact Information: Jessica Caldwell (website)

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