Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Important Shift in the Industry

I wanted to bring your attention to an important shift in our industry - The 130 year old standard film production is moving toward digital production and distribution.

Last week, a report in LA Weekly discussed how movie studios are being forced to switch from film distribution and screening to digital. There are many reasons for this switch, mainly money. The following are topics discussed in this selection of articles - Union projectionists are losing their jobs to minimum wage ushers. $1500 multi-reel film print is being reduced to a $150 hard drive. Digital production (inexpensive and time saving) is now the preferred medium of producers over film production (cumbersome and expensive).

Christopher Nolan (Inception, Batman Series) is conducting a passionate PR campaign for film. His philosophy asks producers to support director's decisions for 35mm film production when budgeting. Nolan has been shooting exclusively on film since he began his career. From an archival standpoint, film is stable medium that can last hundreds of years when treated properly. Hard drives crash. Digital formats have changed six times last year alone. From a production standpoint, film is difficult to manage, expensive, and a time sucker. The goal for Nolan's campaign is for directors to be able to have the choice.

Feel free to review the articles below to make your own decisions.

Film School Rejects Article
DGA Article interviewing Nolan
LA Weekly Article

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