Friday, December 9, 2011

Alpha Channel Winners - FA11

Acceptance - Shaul Helvey
Escapism - Derrick Clarke
Baby you gotta go - Conrad Hart
Essentia - Jeremy Ciliberto
Summer State of Mind - Joshua Rossy
Cupid Lies commercial - Harold Urena
Inconvenience - Natasha Davis
Bad TV - Daniel Arena 
Hunter of the Dark trailer - Ken Price 
R.O.A.R. - Darnell White

Everyone who does not have a ticket, there will be two reserved for you. You can pick them up at the door or during the day at Eve's office. The remaining Alpha Channel tickets will be available to students the day of the screening in Eve's office. 

Alpha Channel - December 12th 6pm 92nd St Y - TriBeCa 200 Hudson Street. (Blocks away from school). 
Don't worry if you cannot get a ticket! We'll have a lounge area set up in the TV studio playing the Alpha Channel Program. 

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