Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks and moment of Zen . . .

Thanks to all the students who attended the department meeting. I apologize for not being able to be there due to my illness. David Nash and I will be meeting to discuss topics that came up and solutions for issues that were mentioned. We appreciate the feedback. I want to leave everyone this piece of zen like advice from Seth Godin's blog -

Embracing constraints
Every project worth doing comes with constraints. Our natural inclination is to fight them.
This has to be done by Tuesday. You must produce it in-state. It must work with the current operating system. It has to be sold by local retailers. You need to be able to get all of it done and still be home for family dinner. You'll need to pay taxes on your profits and pay your employees a living wage. You shouldn't leave PCBs in the ground. It has to work for left-handed people. It must weigh less than a pound. It must come in eleven different colors...When we fight constraints and eliminate them, we often gain access to new insights, new productivity and new solutions. It also makes it easier to compete against people who don't have those constraints.
There's a useful alternative: embrace the constraints you've been given. Use them as assets, as an opportunity to be the one who solved the problem. Once you can thrive in a world filled with constraints, it's ever easier to do well when those constraints are loosened.
That's one reason why the best filmmakers learn their craft making movies with no budget at all.

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