Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Short Films! Blue Tongue Productions

The instructors and I are working on bringing your awareness to some fantastic short film work that is currently being produced. Readers of this blog know that I follow a film podcast called The Golden Briefcase. They had a great episode recently discussing short films. Among their recommendations was the short, Spider (posted below). This film is one of many from the Australian production company, Blue Tongue Films. I have posted their channel below for your reference. After reviewing their archive, I was amazed at how many of these films I have seen and recommended in the past. Blue Tongue is a great example of what a collective of filmmakers can do together. While you are in school, begin to create relationships that will last you through out your career. Filmmaking is all about team work.

Enjoy the films! - Eve.

Blue Tongue Films Channel
Films to watch: I Love Sarah Jane (Recently posted, Spenser Susser), Miracle Fish (Academy Award Nominee), Monkey (Tropfest Finalist)

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