Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIP Ryan Santanna you will be missed.

Thursday March 10th 2011 there will be a viewing held for Ryan.
At Thomas M. Quinn & Sons Funeral Home
35-20 Broadway Long Island City, New York 11106
phone (718)721-9200
from 2pm - 5 pm & 7pm-9pm
We at The Cage are very saddened to hear the news about our friend and former colleague Ryan Santana. Working with Ryan here at the cage was a pleasure and he will not be forgotten by any of us who knew him. At this time we can only offer our sincerest condolences to his family, and hope his soul finds peace.


  1. I was the last person to spend time with him, I knew him for a while and met him when we both lived in Miami. As someone who really got to know Ryan I can say he was an amazing person, I never heard him judge anyone and he was always smiling. He always made people laugh and after he was gone it poured rain that day and the day after it rained again it was cloudy and it seemed like the sun wouldnt be coming out, but then the clouds cleared and the sun did come out when I looked up I felt his presence and smiled so whenever it rains and the sun comes out I will look up and smile just for Ryan.

  2. An AINYC Staff MemberMarch 7, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    This incident has plagued me all day today. I never knew him, yet recall the film student with the pronounced eyebrows and ever present smile. I have worked in higher education for many years and, unfortunately, have encountered numerous instances of young lives ended far too quickly due to depression, pressure, or just a plain foolhardy sense of youthful invincibility. NONE of these situations means anything in the larger scheme of things. The "in" phrase at the moment goes, "it gets better".... It really does. When I think about the countless talent, strength of character, and overall overwhelming love and humanity lost to things which, if only they could be gotten past, would be looked back upon as mere acts on the journey to growth and maturity, I feel a profound sense of hopelessness. After over two decades of witnessing lives wasted too soon, my question seems to be, DOES it really ever get BETTER? Am I forever doomed to the susceptibility of bearing the frailty of life shuttered at its prime? These are the best years of your lives. This is indeed a time to take risks, explore the boundaries, and test the limits of life. But always approach each moment with a certain degree of logic, reason, and careful evaluation. ACT but also THINK. And REMEMBER that every moment is precious.

  3. My heart goes out to all of the students, faculty, and staff who have known him. We will never forget Ryan.

  4. Thank you all for the love and support everyone has shown for my nephew. He was a wonderful human being with a kind and generous heart. He left this world too soon, and he left a big empty space in all of our lives.Only his family and his real friends know how much he will be missed...

  5. Moro no Brasil, e Ryan era o unico sobrinho, menino integro, alegre de bom carater. Foi-se muito cedo tinha a vida inteira para explorar, eu lembro que ele queria ser biólogo ou alguma coisa relacionada com os bichos e natureza, hoje uma amiga chamada Rosa trouxe pra Ryan uma plantinha que farei um lindo jardim aqui em casa em homenagem a ele.Deus esteja com todos nós nessa hora e ampare a minha irmã.

  6. Adriana, Luiz, Jennifer e LavigneMarch 12, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Ryan era tudo de bom em nossas vidas,fica na mente todos momentos maravilhosos que passamos juntos, era um rapaz cercado de muito amor, repleto de alegrias,humanidade,carater,sonhos, desde pequeno sonhava em ser cineastra, por uma fatalidade foi-se cedo demais, a dor que nos deixa será eterna.Que Deus ajude minha cunhada, meu cunhado, minha sobrinha neste momento tão dificil. Que descanse em paz.

  7. To all friends and family that knew my son Ryan,I sincerely appreciate all hart warming and kind words posted on this blog, but also like to express my feelings and frustration about the first coment posted on this page.From a person that came in to our lives to spread sadness, uncertanty and lies on that afertnoon of March 6th,2011,when my son was peacefully enjoying his resting time, after a long night of work.
    This person that calls herself as my son's friend and claim that she was the last person to be with Ryan is only telling us the truth about one thing:"she realy was the last person to be with him BEFORE HIS DEATH".Regarding friendship, love and care about another, are things that do not exists on her vocabulary or way of life!
    On that day my son Ryan received the visit from the darkest and most horrible thing in life, wich came in a human form, and that thing's name was Benazir Balani. this creature is presenting herself as a friend, for everyone who never herd of her before, for everyone that has no knowladge of what a real sick, perverse and delibereted mind can do to a wonderfull, caring, sweet and bright mind named Ryan Santanna.A role model for all his friends and family.A solid rock of confidence and friendship for old and new people that came trough his way. A way of greatness and solidarity, love and strenght, help and the most important feeling in this world, that is LOVE!
    I am so glad to be able to say that,
    "Ryan my son,you've made me so proud to be your father and best friend" all of you reading this blog please disregard the first coment on this page, from Ms.Benazir Balani, because she is just a lost soul looking for attention that she will never find in this life!
    And to all friends and family, please be certain that my and son Ryan had a mission in this short period of life that we all live now, and that he achieved a degree of maturity that went above and beyond all of us, that God has him by his side now and forever!
    May God bless his soul!

  8. hey benazir its a shame the last thing Ryan had to see was your ugly face. By the way, you think you were good friends , think again.

  9. Ryan was the kindest most gentle and good hearted person I have ever known. I am so proud that this amazing person is my cousin and that I have known someone so full of life and love. He will always be remembered for his talent, his smile, his laugh, his sense of humor, and the way he seemed to always light up the room. I will remember him for the way he treated people and the way he makes people feel. I will also never forget how he never took things for granted and never forgot to tell us that he loved us every chance he had. I see my cousin in everything that I do and I can only hope to be half the person that he has been to me and the people around me. I can only hope to live my life and affect so many people in a positive way, the way that he has. That is how I will always remember him.

  10. To the AINYC Staff member that posted...

    Ryan was NOT depressed and he did not kill himself. It was a terrible accident. Please don't believe everything you read in the media who like to turn a tragedy into a bestseller before the facts come out and add fuel to the rumor mill.

    Like you said yourself in your post, you didn't know him or anything about him other than his appearance, and this is a memorial site for people to remember HIM and who he was.

  11. Ryan had a wonderful, loving heart and soul. He had immense love for his family and for his friends, and he never let you think otherwise. If he loved you, he said it and showed it. He gave the best hugs, and had a smile that would let you know everything was going to be okay.

    When he let "Benny" into his home and his life the few times that he did, she only brought him aggravation and turmoil. This I most definitely know. Ryan would never bad mouth anyone- yet this girl, this evil spirit- he constantly spoke poorly of. I cannot post the terrible things he said about her on here. In the end, his kindness and caring heart is what did him in. He let her walk through his door and he was gone shortly after.

    She has brought incredible pain and immense sadness to my entire family. Ryan is irreplacable, and the fact that we can never have him back cuts like a knife into our hearts forever.

  12. Ryan was an incredible child who turned into an amazing young man and had an incredibly bright future ahead of him that was cut short due to the fact that the person who was the "last person to spend time with him" didn't do anything to help prevent his tragic death. There is no way that Ryan would've let this happen to anyone he was with. That she clearly didn't try to do anything to help him speaks volumes of the type of person she is - the devil incarnate. To know him was to love him and he never ever let you question his love for you.
    I want to thank all his friends for the support and love they brought to our family during this most difficult time. While our lives will never be the same without him, we are all fortunate to have known and loved Ryan...and been loved by him.
    Rest in peace, Ryan Santanna.

  13. An AINYC Staff MemberMarch 19, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    Anonymous: You're missing my point. I wasn't speaking just of depression. I was remarking on how, with everything we do, there is an outcome, and to explore and take risks CAREFULLY. It's a cautionary note to prevent avoidable things like this from happening again. I'm sure Ryan's father would agree. Yes, this is a memorial page to someone who obviously made a substantial impact on those around him. That is all the more reason why I write this. I want to see everyone make it.

  14. Ryan,

    I've known you since middle school and even before that as well.

    I remember the great times we had playing baseball in Costa Park, and having long talks of our bright future.

    I remember you were as crazy and energetic as I was, and now as I shed tears for you my dear friend, I still remember how you always put optimism and hope for those around you.

    I still remember how great a guy you were, well liked and well regarded. And I cant help but let these tears roll for your shortened life.

    Rest in Peace bro, and may Allaho be with you, even after death.

    Yours truly my respected and sincere friend,

    Tamer A.H Sergany

  15. Ryan I miss you horribly I remember collecting all those sea ercents and the barbq at olita. Miss you see you in the after life. Matt

  16. it's been a long time since you passed away and i still remember you, i remember in class how you used to bother me because i was quite, and that laugh that made everyone laugh around you. it took a toll on me, its hard to lose someone so special like you to be taken away so shortly, i remember the night that i had to stay to finish up sewing my projects and you would come and spend those times entertaining me because i looked to serious... and then talking about people we knew on how they need help, and i though to myself, how much you helped me on not to feel lonely and that i could count a friend from you because you never saw the bad things of a person but of their greatness. rip. ryan

  17. Dear Mr. Santanna, I send out my condolence regarding to Ryan Santanna. I need to speak to you regarding Ryan's ex-girlfriend, Ms. Balani. If you see this, please reply with your email and I will email you my phone number. Sorry to answer this anonymous but I have some information to share with you privately. I hope you read this, thank you so much.