Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another look at the importance of STORY. . .

I wanted to bring two things to your attention today.
1. Posted above is the 1943 Disney organization chart. (Thanks to! If you have trouble reading it, just click on the image.) I wanted you guys to notice that even though this is an animation company, everything begins with story. This company wouldn't exist without memorable characters (to sell toys and costumes, of course!) and heart wrenching plot (yes, I too cried when I saw the beginning of Bambi and Up). Walt Disney was a master filmmaker because he understood that a good story sells films.
2. I also wanted to post an interview with game developers Jordan Mechner, original creator of the 1990's game Prince of Persia, and Eric Chahi, creator of the game Another World. While they are best known in the gaming industry, they've been known to write and conceptulize screenplays and graphic novels. Both of these developers were asked to discuss a director's roll in modern game design. However, the conversation steered off topic to include the core reason why people collect and cherish comic books, films and games: STORY! Click HERE to read the article on Gamasutra. Pay attention to their comments on influence. . .
As always, let me know what you think in the comments section. Super Director, Eve.

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